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New Pokemon Snap: Where is Lugia? (Location and 4-Star Pose)

New Pokemon Snap: Where is Lugia? (Location and 4-Star Pose)

There are over two hundred Pokemon in New Pokemon Snap, which is only a fraction of the total number of Pokemon in the grand scheme of things. For that reason, many players are wondering exactly which Pokemon are in the game, understandably so. Now, we have a complete list of all Pokemon in New Pokemon Snap if that’s what you’re wondering, but in this guide, we’re going to take a look at where to find Lugia. So, where is Lugia in New Pokemon Snap? Here’s its location and how to score a sweet 4-star photo.

Where is Lugia in New Pokemon Snap?

Lugia is found in the Lental Seafloor Undersea on Research Level 3. To get to the location, you can follow these steps:

  1. Take the first alternate route near the Clawitzer.
  2. In the caves, light up the first Lanturn you see with an Illumina Orb.
  3. Save the Lanturn from the Frillish with an Illumina Orb.
  4. Lanturn will open another alternate route to take.
  5. Find the Lugia inside on the right.

Before you can venture out into Maricopia and locate Lugia, you’ll need to make sure to unlock the pink Illumina Orbs and also have access to the Illumina Spot. The Illumina Orbs are relatively simple and involve locating the glowing pink Crystabloom near the start of Undersea. After you have the Illumina Orbs, you can throw them at the Clawitzer near the start to smash an opening in the rocks to open up the alternate route.

Once you’ve managed all that, you can begin the level and head to the first alternate route. After entering the caves, you’ll begin your descent, past a few Sharpedo until you come across a Lanturn. Throw an Illumina Orb at the Lanturn to light it up. If you’ve done this right, a Sharpedo will begin chasing the Lanturn.

Lugia Location - Lanturn Route New Pokemon Snap

Continuing on with the journey, Lanturn has a run-in with Frillish, and you need to toss another Illumina Orb its way to help out. When that’s done, the thankful Lanturn will illuminate another route with its light. Scan the area, and be sure to take this route. Lugia is close.

Lantur Route 2 New Pokemon Snap Lugia Location

As soon as you get inside, look to your right, and that’s where you’ll find Lugia.

How to get a Lugia 4-Star Photo in New Pokemon Snap

If you want a 4-star Lugia shot, light up the Crystabloom in front and behind Lugia to wake it up. Lugia will swim toward you and off into the distance. Eventually, it will circle back around to you, at which point you should toss some Fluffruit at it.

Lugia new pokemon snap

Get ready because Lugia will come back if you’ve hit it with enough Fluffruit and let out a ferocious roar, or, as the LenTalk Request calls it, a Seafloor Roar! That’s how to get the Lugia location and 4-star pose in New Pokemon Snap.

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