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How to Complete Dam, Sweet Dam in New Pokemon Snap

New Pokemon Snap is full of challenges in the form of LenTalk Requests. You’ll get these through the game by achieving new Research Levels for each area. One of the earlier levels is Florio Nature Park, and the quest we’ll be looking at is called Dam, Sweet Dam. You will need to grab a nice shot of Bidoof in its dam for this one. Here’s how to complete Dam, Sweet Dam in New Pokemon Snap.

How to Complete Dam, Sweet Dam in New Pokemon Snap

  1. Enter Florio Nature Park (Day) on Research Level 3.
  2. Skip to the part with Bidoof and the Dam.
  3. Scan the area and take the alternate route.
  4. Throw Fluffruit in the top of the dam.
  5. Snap a photo of Bidoof when it pops out.

Dam, Sweet Dam is one of the easier LenTalk Requests for Florio Nature Park. You unlock it on Research Level 3, so you will need to play through the course a few times and find most of the Pokemon. When you’re ready, load into the area and step on the gas until you’re at the part with the dam. 

Scan the area when you get to the dam, and take the alternate route to go towards it. Throw a Fluffruit in the top of the dam, and Bidoof will pop its head out of the top. Take an excellent snapshot for Professor Mirror. You can then exit the course at this point since all we need is one photo.

Completing Dam, Sweet Dam also rewards you with a Red Nose Sticker, which you can put on your photos through the Photo Editor mode. It’s a pretty cool sticker reward for an easy task!

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