Need For Speed Unbound Collectibles And Activities Map and Locations

The Google Map for Need For Speed Unbound.
A white car in one of the the cover images of Need For Speed Unbound
Image via Criterion Games

Collectibles and Activities fill the Need For Speed Unbound world. Spread throughout its detailed map, they are an important part of the game. Also, if you are one of those gamers who likes 100% competition, this guide will surely help you out.

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The game includes 260 Collectibles including 100 Bears, 80 Street Art, and 80 Billboards. Apart from Collectibles, you can also find 160 Activities like 30 Speed Runs, 45 Long Jumps, 35 Drift Zones, and 50 Speed Traps.

Need For Speed Unbound Collectibles And Activities Map and Locations

For Collectibles, check out the map below. The map was provided by Reddit user u/FalkHogan. You can also click here to view an enlarged version of the map.

Need For Speed Unbound Collectibles Map and Locations
Image via u/FalkHogan on Reddit.

For Activities check out the Reddit post by u/BoahDerNervt. He has posted two different images containing all the Activities in Need For Speed Unbound.

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Trophies And Achievements

You will get trophies and achievements once you start completing the Collectibles and Activities. Here is a list of the same:

  • The Bear Champ – Smash all bear collectibles
  • Heaven Spot – Collect all street art collectibles
  • Adbusting – Break all billboard collectibles
  • In The Zone – Get 3 stars on all Speed Run activities
  • Frequent Flyer – Get 3 stars on all Long Jump activities
  • Catch My Drift – Get 3 stars on all Drift Zone activities
  • Caught On Camera – Get 3 stars on all Speed Trap activities
  • Cleaning Up – Collect all collectibles and get 3 stars on all activities

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