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NBA 2K22 Next-Gen Best Shooting Guard Build

NBA 2K22 has been in the hands of hoops’ fans for well over a month, and thousands of players are still struggling to figure out the best MyPlayer builds for next-gen consoles. With such dramatic changes made to the MyPlayer Builder, it has become even more difficult for players to grasp how to mold their MyPlayer in NBA 2K22. To help you get started, we’ve put together the best shooting guard builds for next-gen consoles in NBA 2K22. 

Shooting Guards are one of the most diverse positions in basketball, as they typically carry a primary role as the team’s go-to shooter, defender, playmaker, or slasher. While still maintaining a strong secondary role to help push their team to victory on any given night. That’s why arguably the most vital position to account for when building up your MyPlayer on next-gen consoles, and there are countless directions in which you can go with this position.

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NBA 2K22 Next-Gen Best Shooting Guard build

Here’s the best shooting guard build for Next-Gen consoles in NBA 2K22:

Body Settings

  • Height: 6’6″
  • Weight: 190 lbs
  • Wingspan: 6’8″
  • Body Shape: Built


  • Finishing
    • Close Shot: 25-44
    • Driving Layup: 25-86
    • Driving Dunk: 25-94
    • Standing Dunk: 25-25
    • Post Control: 25-25
  • Shooting
    • Mid-Range Shot: 25-74
    • Three-Point Shot: 25-89
    • Free Throw: 25-66 
  • Playmaking
    • Pass Accuracy: 25-87
    • Ball Handle: 25-86
    • Speed with Ball: 25-83
  • Defense/Rebounding
    • Interior Defense: 25-25
    • Perimeter Defense: 25-81
    • Steal: 25-70
    • Block: 25-25
    • Offensive Rebound: 25-48
    • Defensive Rebound: 25-78
  • Physicals
    • Speed: 25-86
    • Acceleration: 25-84
    • Strength: 25-25
    • Vertical: 25-84
    • Stamina: 25-90


  • Primary: Limitless Range
  • Secondary: Extreme Clamps

And that’s it! This is undeniably the best shooting guard build for next-gen consoles in NBA 2K22. With a 6’6″, 190 lb frame, and a 6’8″ wingspan, your MyPlayer will have legitimate potential on both ends of the court, and can easily develop into an elite scorer, or lock-down defender. Depending on your preferred style of play. 

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