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NBA 2K22 Next-Gen Best Center Build

NBA 2K22 Next-Gen Best Center Build

With the constant influx of impressive features and improved gameplay, NBA 2K22 has officially become the hub for innovation within the gaming world. And yet, thousands of players worldwide are still struggling to put together the best MyPlayer builds in NBA 2K22. We’ve done the research and come up with the best center builds for next-gen consoles in NBA 2K22. 

Centers carry a ton of responsibility in the modern game of basketball, and while you could simply just opt for a power build to help out-muscle your defender. A proper center build for next-gen consoles in NBA 2K22 should be focused primarily on speed and versatility. With our NBA 2K22 Next-Gen Center build, your elite big man will carry the ability to control the defensive and dominate in the paint on the offensive.

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NBA 2K22 Next-Gen Best Center Build

Here’s the best center build for Next-Gen consoles in NBA 2K22:

Body Settings 

  • Body Settings
    • Height: 6’9”
    • Weight: 215 lbs
    • Wingspan: 7’7”
    • Body Shape: Built


  • Finishing
    • Close Shot: 25-81
    • Driving Layup: 25-87
    • Driving Dunk: 25-85
    • Standing Dunk: 25-99
    • Post Control: 25-25
  • Shooting
    • Mid-Range Shot: 25-75
    • Three-Point Shot: 25-77
    • Free Throw: 25-74 
  • Playmaking
    • Pass Accuracy: 25-65
    • Ball Handle: 25-50
    • Speed with Ball: 25-25
  • Defense/Rebounding
    • Interior Defense: 25-83
    • Perimeter Defense: 25-82
    • Steal: 25-78
    • Block: 25-97
    • Offensive Rebound: 25-84
    • Defensive Rebound: 25-92 
  • Physicals
    • Speed: 25-75
    • Acceleration: 25-72
    • Strength: 25-59
    • Vertical: 25-86
    • Stamina: 25-98


  • Primary: Paint Intimidation
  • Secondary: See The Future

And there it is! This is undoubtedly the best build for centers in NBA 2K22. While you can certainly opt to go with a taller build, leaving your MyPlayer at 6’9”, 212 lbs gives you more than enough room to defend effectively on the perimeter. While still holding your own against bigger competition down on the block. Plus, you’ll have a reliable mid-range and three-point game to help keep your defenders honest. 

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