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Mythic Heroes Tier List – Best Units for PvP and PvE

Find out the best character ranks in our Mythic Heroes tier list.

There are dozens of unique gods to summon to build a solid team in Mythic Heroes, the mobile idle team-building RPG from IGG. Not all units are built equally, though, so you may be wondering who to spend those precious resources on to carry you to the late game. Not to worry, we’ve come up with the Mythic Heroes tier list to rank the best UR and SSR characters in the game.

The best heroes in the Mythic Heroes tier list include top damage dealers, tanks, and supports. It’s important to note that many characters’ rankings may shift from the early to mid and late game. The list illustrates where each character stands overall so that you know which ones are worth building. Inevitably, it will come down to who you get lucky enough to pull a lot of duplicates for, as ascending your heroes is incredibly important.

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Mythic Heroes tier list for PvE

  • S-Tier – Lucifer, Athena, Idun
  • A-Tier – Artemis, Susanoo, Persephone, Nuwa, Ganjiang & Moye, Tamamo No Mae, Nagakayne
  • B-Tier – Zeus, Izanami, Medusa, Cleopatra, Oberon
  • C-Tier – Dionysus, Hades, Anubis, Joan of Arc, Hercules, Lu Bu, Iset, Gaia
  • D-Tier – Lilith

Mythic Heroes tier list for PvP

  • S-Tier – Lucifer, Susanoo, Ganjiang and Moye, Izanumi, Tamamo No Mae, Nuwa, Dionysus
  • A-Tier – Medusa, Artemis, Persephone, Flora, Idun, Nagakayna, Athena, Thor, Gaia, Hercules, Anubis
  • B-Tier – Lu Bu, Zeus
  • C-Tier – Oberon, Cleopatra, Lilith, Joan of Arc, Iset


Lucifer is a UR rank and perhaps the best one out there. As a UR unit, he’s naturally a pay-to-win unit, and you can’t expect too many duplicates unless you’re a whale. Regardless, he is a great carry and damage dealer throughout the game in campaign, bosses, and PvP. You can focus on getting runes that increase damage or reduce cooldowns. As for an Artifact, go with the Axe of Pangu or Yasakani Magatama for cooldown reduction.


Artemis is a great damage dealer and a free-to-play unit that does her job well throughout the entire game. She is capable of dealing massive damage numbers if she goes uninterrupted. Like all damage dealers, you’ll want to prioritize damage or cooldown reduction Runes, and the same for Artifacts.


Susanoo is an excellent free-to-play melee damage dealer and a hard carry throughout most of the game. He teleports behind enemy lines and slices away, dealing massive damage to the opponents’ backline. Like Lucifer, you will want to prioritize damage Runes and Artifacts. He has nice self-sustain at higher levels to help survivability in the backline. When you face capped-out teams, though, Susanoo may have trouble surviving due to diving into the enemy lines.


Athena is a free-to-play tank character who serves as an all-around solid damage soaker for almost the entire game except for bosses. She is a trusty tank who can handle lots of incoming damage with shields that grant the team some survivability. Athena also has self-sustaining skills that allow her to stay on the battlefield longer and a shield skill for the team. 

For runes, you’ll want to focus on either cooldown reduction or defense and tank-oriented stats. Similarly, you’ll want an Artifact to reduce incoming damage. Note that bosses are important, so you’ll want an alternate unit on deck to sub in for Athena when necessary.

Mythic Heroes tier list 2

Best characters by class in Mythic Heroes

The best characters in Mythic Heroes include:

  • Carries – Lucifer, Susanoo, Ganjiang & Moye, and Izanami
  • Tanks – Hades, Athena
  • Support – Idun, Nagakayne, Nuwa

That concludes our Mythic Heroes tier list and best characters. Check back periodically after any updates to see if any heroes have been shifted around. Remember, tier lists are subjective, so there’s a good chance you disagree with some of our rankings. This is meant as more of a guide for newer players and those looking to figure out where to invest resources.

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