Monster Hunter Rise Long Sword Moveset

When you have access to giant, transforming battle axes or massive, exploding lances, the more traditional weapons can sometimes go by the wayside. But I’m telling you that just because the classic long sword is comparatively simple, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad weapon. If you don’t believe me, then here’s a full moveset for the long sword in Monster Hunter Rise.

The long sword (and yes, that’s two words in this case) is a straightforward, well-rounded weapon, good for just about any kind of hunting situation. It’s got a reasonably long reach and some good, high-hitting vertical attacks, not to mention the hidden depths of its Spirit Gauge, represented by the small sword icon under your health. Landing hits with the long sword fills up the Spirit Gauge, which can then be utilized on Spirit Slash attacks that make the sword stronger. This can be used in tandem with the weapon’s other special ability, the Special Sheathe, wherein you sheathe the sword, then whip it back out in a devastating iai slash.

Monster Hunter Rise Long Sword Moveset

Here’s a rundown of the Monster Hunter Rise long sword moveset:

Basic Moves

  • X: Overhead slash
  • A: Thrust
  • LS+X+A: Directional attack
  • ZR: Spirit Slash
  • ZR+A during combo: Foresight Slash – consumes Spirit Gauge to dodge an enemy attack
  • ZR+B following an attack: Special Sheathe
  • X after Special Sheathe: Iai Slash – a successful hit causes Spirit Gauge to increase automatically
  • ZR after Special Sheate: Iai Spirit Slash – consumes one level of Spirit Gauge, has super armor

Silkbind Moves

  • ZL+A: Serene Pose (Costs 2 Wirebugs) – Enter a counter stance and immediately retaliate against any attacking enemy.
  • ZL+X: Soaring Kick (Costs 1 Wirebug) – Launch into a high-flying kick. If it connects, you’ll automatically follow up with a downward thrust. Can be comboed into a Spirit Helm Breaker with ZR.


  • X-X-X-X: Basic combo
  • ZR-ZR-ZR-ZR: Spirit Slash combo
  • X+A-ZR-ZR-ZR: Fade Slash combo
  • X-ZR+B-X-ZR: Special Sheathe combo 1
  • X-ZR+A-ZR+B: Special Sheathe combo 2
  • X-ZR+A-ZR: Foresight Slash combo