Best Teams to Join as a Left Fielder in MLB The Show 22 RTTS
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Best Teams to Join as a Left Fielder in MLB The Show 22 RTTS

These are three teams to consider joining if you want to climb the ranks.
Best Teams to Join as a Left Fielder in MLB The Show 22 RTTS
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MLB The Show 22’s Road to the Show gives players the unique opportunity to create a ballplayer from scratch and lead them up through the minors to become MLB superstars. One of the more popular positions in the game is easily the left outfielder. So, here are the best teams to join as a left fielder in MLB The Show 22’s Road to the Show.

The left fielder, or LF for short, is an essential outfielder in baseball. While a left fielder might not need as strong an arm as a right fielder, they still need quality fielding skills and an above-average arm. A player holding it down in left field needs good speed, swiftness, and reaction times. They’ll also need some good ball-tracking skills and the ability to think on the fly.

MLB The Show 22: Road to the Show – Best Teams to Join as a Left Outfielder

On top of all the required physical stats needed to succeed in left field, a solid team is equally as important to assist you on your journey up through the majors. Here are some of the best teams to join as a left fielder in MLB The Show 22’s Road to the Show.

  • San Diego Padres
  • Minnesota Twins
  • Pittsburgh Pirates

San Diego Padres

There are numerous advantages to joining the San Diego Padres as a left outfielder. First and foremost, you get to play in southern California in the beautiful city of San Diego. Not only that, but the Padres also have an exceptionally talented roster featuring players like Fernando Tatis Jr. and Manny Machado. 

San Diego also presents the easiest scenario to get called up to the majors, with their current starter being Jurickson Profar, who has a 69 OVR. Obviously, with the Padres having one of the more stacked batting lineups in MLB The Show 22, you probably won’t be able to crack the rotation right away. But it would allow you to play a pivotal role for a team that has the potential to win a lot of games if they shore up the left side of the field. 

Minnesota Twins

Like the Padres, the Minnesota Twins have an incredibly talented roster, although they also just so happen to have a glaring hole at left field. Their current starter, Kyle Garlick, plays for the Twins’ triple-A ball club and bolsters a very beatable 70 OVR. 

Unlike San Diego, I wouldn’t expect the Twins to be competing for any hardware any time soon, but they’re not going to lose too many games either. So, it’s another solid spot to start your MLB career as a left-outfielder.

Pittsburgh Pirates

It’s no secret that the Pittsburgh Pirates need help all over the field, although their current situation in the outfield is truly abysmal. On the left side of the field, their best player is a double-A ballplayer named Matt Fraizer, who carries a 71 OVR. 

While you’re unlikely to win any time soon as a Pirate, you will see plenty of opportunities, especially with how bad their pitching is. Since every ball is sure to land somewhere in the outfield, you will have the chance to carve out quite the career for yourself in Pittsburgh as a left outfielder. You would also get the chance to play in PNC Park, widely regarded as one of the nicer parks in the MLB.

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