Minecraft - The Wild Update: Where to Find & Tame Allays
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Minecraft – The Wild Update: Where to Find & Tame Allays

Allays can help you in a various ways but first you need to find and tame them
Minecraft - The Wild update screenshot of an Allay
Image via Mojang Studios/Microsoft

Minecraft – The Wild update is said to be eerie and ominous, centered around all “scary things” and the natural wilderness. However, not all of the creatures included are dark and spooky. In fact, some can be quite friendly, such as the Allays.

So, today we’re going to look at where to find and tame Allays in Minecraft – The Wild update.

Minecraft – The Wild Update: Where to Find & Tame Allays

The Allay is a passive flying mob that’s been added to the game through the recent Minecraft – The Wild update. At first glance, these creatures might seem hostile or unapproachable but they’re actually quite friendly and even helpful at times. Not only are they enjoyable to watch flutter around, but you can even tame and use them to assist you in completing various tasks throughout the game.

Where to Find Allays

Allays are often imprisoned by villagers. This means that there are only two places where you can find them; the Pillager Outpost or the Woodland Mansion. To locate these areas, you can either use your map to find where they are or use the “/locate” command. In which you would;

  1. Open the chat feature in Minecraft
  2. Type either “/locate mansion” or “/locate pillager_outpost”
  3. Follow the coordinates provided to one of these landmarks

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Once you’ve found either one of these locations, you will have to search around a bit to rescue the Allays. At the Pillager Outpost, the Allays will be trapped in dark oak cages outside of the main tower. Though sometimes they could be found in small tents or scarecrows as well.

At the Woodland Mansion, the Allays will be imprisoned in cobblestone cells, which generally spawn inside of the mansion. Keep in mind that these structures are incredibly rare and dangerous, so, you might have better luck at a Pillager Outpost.

Much like other Minecraft mobs, you can also spawn an Allay if you’ve got an Allay spawn egg. 

How to Tame Allays

After you’ve freed the Allays, you can now tame them to assist you with various tasks. Primarily, retrieving certain items. To do this, you must;

  1. Grab an item from your inventory that you want them to receive
  2. Give it to the Allay by interacting with it

Now the Allay will search and gather the exact same item before delivering it back to you. However, the Allay will fly around aimlessly until you give them something else to do. Also, while you personally cannot harm them after you’ve tamed them, they can be easily harmed by other creatures. So, you will need to be careful and watch over your Allay closely if you hope to keep them alive.

That’s everything you need to know about how to find and tame Allays in Minecraft – The Wild update. Be sure to check out some of our other Minecraft-themed content. Such as how to use Sculk Shriekers in Minecraft – The Wild update. As well as our dedicated guides section for more information on other popular gaming titles.

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