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Minecraft – The Wild Update: How to Find a Pillager Outpost in Minecraft

Attack the Pillagers where they least expect it!
Minecraft Pillagers
Image via Mojang Studios/Microsoft

Pillagers are some of the most annoying hostile mobs in Minecraft. They’re incredibly tough to beat and always seem to show up when you’re unprepared! If you want to get your revenge on these malevolent mobs, or if you just want some good loot, try locating a Pillager Outpost to catch them off guard!

Pillager Outposts in Minecraft are never 100% randomly spawned. They have a higher chance of spawning near Villages, and will almost always spawn in the plains, savannah, desert, tundra, and taiga biomes.

How to Locate a Pillager Outpost

Exploring will always be the best way to find any structure in Minecraft, locating a Pillager Outpost is no different. However, the search can be narrowed to a select few biomes: taiga, tundra, savannah, plains, and desert. Searching these biomes will significantly increase your chances of finding an Outpost. Pillager Outposts also have a tendency to spawn near Villages, so keeping an eye out for Villages while exploring may help you find an Outpost quicker.

Another good sign you’re getting close to an Outpost is when flags or unnaturally spawning blocks begin to appear in the area you’re exploring. Pillagers love flags and elaborately built structures; seeing flags or building blocks (cobblestone, wood planks, fence posts, etc.) in any area is a good indicator you’re extremely close to an Outpost.

How to Use the /locate Command

If you’re savvy with Minecraft commands and don’t feel like exploring, try using the /locate command to find Pillager Outposts almost instantly! To do this, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the chat feature in Minecraft
  2. Type either /locate pillager_outpost or /locate structure minecraft:pillager_outpost
  3. You will then be granted the coordinates of the location of the nearest Pillager Outpost.

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What Are Pillager Outposts and Why Are They Important?

Although Pillagers are primarily nomadic, they do have a home base. Pillager Outposts are tall structures where Pillagers naturally spawn and keep all their best loot! Unfortunately, these Outposts are heavily guarded. It takes a truly skilled player to take out an entire Outpost, but the rewards are definitely worth the effort! Players can find rare ingots, Enchanted Books, Crossbows, and many other useful treasures!

There are other benefits to finding Outposts other than loot. Once all the Pillagers have been defeated, players can receive the Bad Omen effect. The Bad Omen effect lasts 5 Minecraft days and comes into effect when the player enters a Village. The Bad Omen effect will trigger a Raid, which will cause waves of angry Pillagers to come pouring into the Village.

This may seem like an event most players would try to avoid, but the reward is worth the fight! After the Raid is finished, players can receive a Totem of Undying, an extremely rare item that can save players from certain death! In addition to this, Villagers will reduce all their trade prices to show their gratitude to the player.

If you love exploring in Minecraft, try exploring the Mangrove Swamp biome or the Deep Dark biome while settling into The Wild Update. Be sure to check out more Minecraft guides here on Gamer Journalist, such as How to Find the Ancient City!

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