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Minecraft – The Wild Update: How to Kill Shriekers

You'll need to smash the Shriekers to prevent the Warden from spawning.
Image via Mojang/Minecraft

In Minecraft’s Deep Dark biome, there exists a particular species of… I wanna say plants? Animals? Machines? They’re so bizarre, that it’s kind of hard to tell. Regardless, they’re known as the Sculk Shriekers, and if you’re trying not to get stomped by the Warden, they can be a massive pain. To ensure that doesn’t happen, here’s how to kill Shriekers in Minecraft.

Minecraft – The Wild Update: How to Kill Shriekers

The Sculk Shriekers are kind of like a radar system that covers the entirety of the Deep Dark. When a player steps on either them or one of their adjacent Sculk Sensors, they send out a shriek that can inflict the Darkness status effect on nearby players. More importantly, though, every Shrieker you trigger will raise the biome’s warning level by one, and if it hits four, the Warden will appear to voice his displeasure with your existence.

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To prevent the Shrieker from going off, or at least stop it from screaming in your ear, you’ll need to destroy it, as well as any nearby Sculk Sensors. Luckily, this is actually very simple. You can break either a Sculk Shrieker or a Sculk Sensor with any kind of tool, be it a sword, axe, pickaxe, or whatever. Surprisingly, though, the best tool for dealing with Shriekers and Sensors is a hoe, which can destroy them faster than any other tool.

Image via Mojang/Microsoft

The best way to destroy a Shrieker without setting it off is to use both a hoe and a few blocks of wool. Sculk Sensors can’t detect sounds produced by or on top of wool blocks, so if you put a few down, you can create a passage over to the Shrieker, which you can then quickly destroy with your hoe. Once the Shriker is destroyed, you don’t have to worry about the Sensors.

Incidentally, if your hoe is enchanted with Silk Touch, you can pick up the Shriker after breaking it. A moved Shrieker won’t summon a Warden anymore, so try using it in your Redstone devices!

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