How to Spawn the Warden in Minecraft Bedrock

Don't say we didn't warn you.
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The reason most people find the dark scary isn’t necessarily the absence of light itself, but rather the implication of things lurking out of sight. Goodness knows, if I had an inkling that a monster like the Warden was skulking through the dark, I’d still sleep with a night light.

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If for whatever reason you’d like to bask in the presence of such a monster, then here’s how to spawn the Warden in Minecraft Bedrock.

How to Spawn the Warden in Minecraft Bedrock

The Warden is a special kind of boss mob that only appears in a particular kind of cave biome known as the Deep Dark. This hulking beast has a lot of health, deals 30 hearts of melee damage, and can snipe you at a distance with a sonic beam attack. The only edge you have against the Warden is the fact that it’s completely blind; it can’t see you, but it can hear and smell you, tracking your presence through the Deep Dark by the steps you take.

Is the Warden in Minecraft Bedrock Edition?

Sort of. The full release of Bedrock Edition is currently in version 1.18.32, which does not include the Deep Dark and its contents. However, the beta version of Bedrock is in version, which does include the Deep Dark, so you can encounter the Warden if you’re playing in the beta build.

Is There a Warden Spawn Egg?

Yes, though you can only get and use it in Creative Mode.

Image via Mojang/Minecraft

How Can you Find a Warden?

Technically, you don’t. The Warden finds you. In the Deep Dark, there’s a special kind of naturally occurring block called a Sculk Shrieker. If you step on top of a Sculk Shrieker or one of its adjacent Sculk Sensors, it’ll sound a warning shriek. If you set off the same Sculk Shrieker three times, the Warden will appear, burrowing up and out of the ground, immediately hostile toward you.

Wardens will only appear in a Sculk Shrieker’s proximity if the local light level is at 11 or lower. The Warden also won’t appear if there’s another Warden within a distance of 48 blocks. Lastly, only naturally occurring Sculk Shriekers can summon Wardens. If you excavate a Sculk Shrieker from the ground and place it somewhere else, even within the Deep Dark, its warnings will no longer summon Wardens.

If you’re looking for a rather unsettling challenge in claustrophobic confines, go ahead and summon a Warden. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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