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Metroid Prime Remastered: All Missable Scans

I don't want to miss a thing.
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If there is a thing completionists can’t stand more than multiple endings, endless collectibles, and Nightmare difficulties, is the number 99. Being unable to complete a game due to having missed the smallest of things is really the worst feeling possible. Thankfully, the internet will save us all before exterminating us when AI takes over the world. Here are all missable scans in Metroid Prime Remastered.

All Missable Scans in Metroid Prime Remastered

Missable scans are scans that you can miss. Roll credits. Well, while every scan can technically be missable if you refrain from scanning until the end of the game, for a scan to be considered missable it must be limited to a certain location for a specific period of time. As a general rule, once you encounter that creature or object, you will only have that chance to scan it. Kill or destroy it and it is gone forever. There are a total of 22 missable scans in Metroid Prime Remastered, and you will find all of them in the list below.

Metroid Prime Remastered – Missable Scans

Missable ScanLocationDescription
Map StationVariousYou will get the chance to scan any Map Station across the game. It is indeed missable since using them will make them disappear, so make sure to at least scan one of them.
ParasiteResearch Frigate OrpheonThese are little creatures you will encounter first in the game. Since this may be your first few minutes of gameplay, you could possibly miss scanning them once you defeat the Parasite Queen. Scan one of these little guys.
Pirate DataResearch Frigate OrpheonThe only missable Pirate Data in the game. Make sure to scan it before facing the Parasite Queen, otherwise, you will miss it forever. And ever.
Parasite QueenResearch Frigate OrpheonWell, pretty much all bosses will be missable scans. So, moving forward, you will only see “Boss”. If you can’t scan a giant enemy, then I retire. Not really, but you get me.
Blast ShieldVariousThese blast shields that protect certain doors can be blown up by missiles. So, if you manage to destroy them all, you won’t have the chance to scan them.
Hive MechaChozo RuinsBoss.
Ram War WaspsChozo RuinsHive Mecha will send Ram War Wasps against you, which of course are exclusive to this boss fight. Scan them.
Incinerator DroneChozo RuinsBoss.
Barbed War WaspsChozo RuinsJust like Hive Mecha, the Incinerator Drone will send Barbed War Wasps against you. Scan them, you won’t find them anywhere else.
FlaahgraChozo RuinsBoss.
Flaahgra TentacleChozo RuinsBoss’s tentacles. They are the ones that block the Morph Ball passages.
Ice BurrowerPhendrana DriftsThese creatures will be in certain areas of the Phendrana Drifts, but will completely disappear after Samus gets the Thermal Visor. Scan them before doing so.
Ice ShriekbatPhendrana DriftsThese guys only appear in one room in the game, and that is Ice Ruins West. On top of that, the Shriekbats will also disappear like the Burrowers. Be sure to scan them from a distance to prevent getting swarmed by them.
Ice ParasitePhendrana DriftsLocated in the Chozo Ice Temple, these Parasites will also disappear post-something. That something is defeating Sheegoth and picking up the Wave Beem. So, scan them in the Temple or even in the Frozen Pike, but before grabbing the Gravity Suit. Phew.
StalactiteVariousFound in Phendrana Drifts and Magmoor Caverns, if you shoot down all Stalactites, and you can, you will be able to miss this scan.
ThardusPhendrana DriftsBoss.
Aqua DroneTallon OverworldLocated in the Biohazard Containment, you will be able to see two Aqua Drones on the lower level, just patrolling. Take a good look at them and scan them, you will never get a chance to do so again.
Elite PiratePhazon MinesThere are only three Elite Pirates in Phazon Mines, so be sure to scan one of them, you won’t get the chance to do it again.
Phazon ElitePhazon MinesUnique enemy.
Omega PiratePhazon MinesBoss.
Meta RidleyTallon OverworldBoss. Unlocked after collecting all 12 Chozo Artifacts.
Metroid PrimeImpact CraterBoss. Two scans are obtainable from Metroid Prime: one when fighting in the Impact Crater, the other one in Metroid Prime Lair, at the bottom.

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And there you go! 22 exactly. Be sure to keep this list as your cheat list in order to prevent an incomplete Logbook at the end of your Metroid adventure. Just as a rule of thumb: scan everything, especially before you proceed to kill it. Have a good time scanning!

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