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Merge Mansion Knitting Days guide

Those were the days...
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Merge Mansion is a popular mobile game that will have you merging all sorts of ordinary items to restore a grand mansion. With all sorts of areas and zones to work on, you’ll have your hands full with managing all the items and generators. If you can, you may want to put a little more on your plate and work towards the Knitting Days event for even more rewards.

Merge Mansion Knitting Days guide

Knitting days is a irregularly-timed generic event in Merge Mansion that will pop up and last for 4 days. There isn’t a lot riding on this event, but players may want to take advantage of the rewards whilst they last. Knitting Days is a great little event that will reward you for doing well.

There are 120 primary tasks and 16 secondary tasks. With such a huge amount of tasks, you will need plenty of strong generators if you want to score deep in the event.

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Most of the tasks deal with wood, lamps, yarn, benches and gardening tools, amongst other items. For success in this event, it would be recommended to have these generators:

  • Wood (lvl4) to generate benches
  • Tree to generate wood
  • Toy Cars to generate lamps
  • Lamps (lvl6) to generate moths
  • Moths (lvl6) to generate yarn

When you have good generators for the items, you should be able to generate the items needed the most. It may be worth to focus entirely on this event whilst it is active. In later tasks, you will benefit from lots of coins, xp, and gift boxes. The secondary tasks are very rewarding, but require higher level items.

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