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How to unlock the love story in Merge Mansion

A story as old as time.
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Merge Mansion is an interesting game where it appears like an innocent merge three title, only to be holding a well full of lore underneath. If you ever watched the interesting advertising campaign that teased at dark secrets and a love plot, you may be more intrigued to get the love story in Merge Mansion to see where it goes. WIthout further ado, here is how to get the love story in Merge Mansion.

How to get the Love Story in Merge Mansion

Finding love

In order to start your progression in Merge Mansion’s plot, you will need to get the locket.

The locket can be obtained from a vase, which in turn can be obtained from a drawer. Both of those items will drop items upon tapping them, but will need to ‘recharge’ and you’ll have to wait a certain amount of time before they will drop items again.

If you have at least one vase, sooner or later you’ll receive a locket. Then you will need to keep merging and leveling up the locket to level 5, which is where it becomes the family locket and useful.

This family locket is another item-producing item. However, the locket is a lot more focused, only dropping the love story.

love story in merge mansion
Image via Metacore

For clarification, love story is the name of the item that you will be obtaining, and thankfully the locket produces a level 1 love story. After seven taps, the family locket will break, and you’ll need to make another one to progress the story further and produce more love story.

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Merging for love

In order to progress the story, you’ll need to merge the love story items. At each level, their description will reveal more of the plot. There are 12 levels in total, each marking another stage in the lovers’ story. You will need to burn through a lot of family lockets in order to complete the love story.

With the final item, you will be able to complete the Romantic Spot quest.

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