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Mega Fun Obby Codes (October 2023)

Get free stage skips by using the latest Mega Fun Obby codes.
Mega Fun Obby Codes

Mega Fun Obby is an experience developed by Bloxtun for the Roblox platform. Mega Fun Obby is one of the biggest platformers in Roblox. Complete with over 2600 stages, this game will have you completing obstacles for hours. If you’re stuck on some stages we got some Mega Fun Obby codes to help you out below.

Mega Fun Obby codes are a free way to skip in-game stages. The codes will provide you with free skips that you can use to skip any stage you can’t complete. With so many stages you are bound to run into a few that are too difficult or buggy. These codes can expire at any moment so be sure to accumulate your skips as soon as codes are released. You can bookmark this page to check back easily for updates.

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Mega Fun Obby codes

Last checked: January 19, 2023

Added a new code.

Here are the latest Mega Fun Obby codes:

  • newchapter — Unlocks: 20x Skips (New)
  • happy2023 — Unlocks: 4x Skips
  • bigreward — Unlocks: 4x Skips

Expired Codes

  • p0tat0e – 2 free skips
  • christmas2021 – 4 free skips
  • bunchaskips – 4 free skips
  • getskips – 2 free skips
  • askip4u – 1 free skip
  • thankyou – 2 free skips
  • squidgame – 2 free skips
  • robloxdown – 3 free skips
  • xk4n0s – 2 free skips
  • dizc0rd – 2 free skips
  • summer2021 – 2 free skips
  • extraskipsss – 3 free skips

How to redeem codes for Mega Fun Obby

To redeem codes for Mega Fun Obby, follow these steps:

  1. Launch Mega Fun Obby in Roblox.
  2. Find and tap on the twitter codes icon left.
  3. Enter a working code into the code redemption box.
  4. Tap on the Submit button to redeem the code.
  5. Enjoy your free in-game rewards.
Mega Fun Obby Redeem Codes

How to get more codes for Mega Fun Obby

We will update this page as soon as new codes are released but you can also follow the developer’s Twitter. The developer will post skip codes there as well. Don’t forget that you can bookmark this page by hitting CTRL+D, so you won’t miss any code updates.

Mega Fun Obby Game Description

Play Roblox’s longest and most fun obstacle course experience! With currently 2500 stages, you’ll be sure to have a blast playing this game for hours by yourself, or with friends and family!

Mega Fun Obby gets updated every day, so be sure to come back and check for new stages!

I post skip codes on my twitter

🔨Builder🔨 – Bloxtun (
📜 Scripter 📜 – Wrathsong
📜 Scripter / UI 📜 – Zenuvius

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