Rover’s May Day Maze Solution in Animal Crossing New Horizons

The May Day event is right around the corner in Animal Crossing New Horizons. During this event, players can use a May Day Ticket and visit a unique mystery island exclusive to the event. Luckily, we got a look at what the May Day Event mystery island map might look like. This guide will show you Rover’s May Day maze solution in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Rover’s May Day Maze Solution in Animal Crossing New Horizons

First, we want to give credit to this Twitter user who managed to post a screenshot of what the May Day Maze Island will look like. This post may contain some spoilers for those of you that want to figure out this maze on your own. If that’s the case, feel free to check out some of our other Animal Crossing New Horizons guides in the meantime!

You start on the south side of the Maze Island, and you can see a red box on the ground at the start of the maze. If we bring up the Animal Crossing New Horizons April Free Update trailer, we can see the character holding a shovel. This means the first item on the ground there is likely a shovel.

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Step 1 – Pick up the shovel at the beginning of the maze. You can then make your way over to the bush on the left and dig it up, allowing you to pick up the cherry and eat it.

Step 2 – Eat the cherry and dig up the tree at the beginning of the maze.

Step 3 – Now that the tree is out of the way, you can head into the maze and make your first right. Hop across all the holes and you will come to some wood. Pick up the wood, and continue across to the left side of the maze. Next, you’ll come to a tree branch that you should pick up.

Step 4 – Next, make your way across to the right side of the maze by jumping over the hole. Pick up the first two tree branches you see, and make your way down to the second item on the map. This is likely going to be a flimsy axe, so it will break on three uses.

Step 5 – Pick up the other tree branch and make your way back over to the left side of the maze. Head back to the tree and chop it with the flimsy axe. Pick up the two cherries and the tree branch on the other side.

Step 6 – Make your way back down to where you picked up the three tree branches, and head down and to the left as pictured below. Eat a cherry to break the rock and then pick up the iron nugget.

Step 7 – Make your way to the other side of the map to eat another cherry and dig up the other rock. Pick up the cherry on the other side of the rock so you can dig up the tree. Then head over to the crafting bench.

Step 8 – Craft a Flimsy Axe from the 5 tree branches and 1 stone. Next, craft an Axe from the flimsy axe, 3 pieces of wood, and 1 iron nugget.

Step 9 – Now the tree in the middle can be chopped down. Go back to the middle of the maze and chop it down so you can grab the two cherries.

Step 10 – From the previous location, head up and around to get to the tree. After that, chop it down with the fresh new axe that was just crafted.

Step 11 – Now you should be able to easily walk out of the map. Chop down the remaining three trees and greet Rover at the end.

At this point, you can talk to Rover and he may have some sort of present to you. You’ll notice there are still some things around the maze that you can pick up. Dig up the bush to the left and pick up those items. After that, make your way all the way around the map to the southwest. Use your remaining cherries to dig up the rocks and pick up those items.

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