Is Marvel Future Revolution Pay to Win?

Is Marvel Future Revolution Pay to Win?

Many people are wondering if Marvel Future Revolution is pay to win, so here's what you need to know
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Monetization is a major issue in today’s gaming climate. Some games, especially online and mobile games, offer skewed advantages to those with more money to shell out, meaning the game stops being a matter of skill and more a matter of how much disposable income you have. As both a mobile and online game, Marvel Future Revolution is subject to this same financial scrutiny, as any game that releases these days needs to be, unfortunately. So, is Marvel Future Revolution pay to win?

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The primary currency in Marvel Future Revolution is crystals, which can be bought in bulk from the in-game store with real money. These crystals form the bedrock of the game’s economy; everything, from cosmetic skins to loot boxes, costs crystals. Unfortunately, among those costs are Hero Slots for placing heroes on your roster, action slots for equipping attacks and abilities, and stat-augmenting skills. So while it pains me to say it, yes, Marvel Future Revolution is a bit pay to win.

Is Marvel Future Revolution Pay to Win?

Besides buying stuff, crystals are also used to upgrade your characters, as well as expedite the wait time between upgrades. Several characters, such as Doctor Strange and Black Widow, can have crystals spent on them to instantly up them to level 10. “Grind-eliminators” like these are a mainstay of pay to win games. There’s also a membership service, similar to a Battle Pass, with two different tiers of subscriptions. These subscriptions reward exclusive skills that can’t be obtained in the base game, which is obviously a benefit that base players can’t reap.

In absolute fairness, you don’t have to pay for crystals. You do gain some crystals by simply playing the game and leveling up. That said, you will almost definitely not gain as many crystals just playing the game as you would coughing up for them, so the wealthier players could definitely have an edge in PvP gameplay.

Regardless, if you’re looking to give it a shot, check our Marvel Future Revolution tier list so you know who to pick.

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