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All Characters in Mario Strikers: Battle League

The Mario series cast loves a good game of combat soccer.
Image via Nintendo

You might not think about it much, considering half of them don’t get up to much athletic stuff in the main games, but the members of the Mario series cast are quite the bunch of athletes. They’re fast, they’re strong, they’re resilient, and above all, they all relish in an only slightly-brutal game of combat soccer. Here are all of the characters in Mario Strikers: Battle League.

Mario Strikers: Battle League: All Characters

The precise capabilities of every character in Mario Strikers: Battle League are determined by five stats:

  • Strength: How hard a character can tackle, and how resistant they are to being tackled themselves.
  • Speed: How quickly a character can run around the field.
  • Shooting: How hard and fast a character can shoot the ball. Higher shooting stats make shots harder for the goalie to block.
  • Passing: How quickly a character can pass the ball to a teammate, as well as how far they can shoot a Free Pass.
  • Technique: How cleanly a character can shoot and dribble the ball. Characters with higher technique can pull off more complicated, curved shots. Technique also affects how easily a character can launch a Hyper Strike.
Image via Nintendo

Each character has a different blend of stats that determine their specializations, though you can also tweak their stats by changing the gear they have equipped.

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Character List and Specializations

  • Mario: Our hero and a multitalented plumber. Generally balanced stats, with a specialization in Technique.
  • Luigi: Mario’s brother and a man of hidden talents. Similar stats to Mario, also specializes in Technique.
  • Princess Peach: Ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom and an agile athlete. Specializes in Technique and Speed.
  • Bowser: Rude, crude ruler of the Koopa Kingdom who hits like a tank. Specializes in Strength and Shooting.
  • Yoshi: Mario’s faithful steed and a cooperative player. Specializes in Passing and Shooting.
  • Donkey Kong: A burly bruiser from the jungle who loves to play. Specializes in Strength and Passing.
  • Toad: A diminutive competitor whose size translates into agility. Specializes in Speed.
  • Rosalina: Steward of the cosmos, skilled in spatial manipulation. Specializes in Shooting.
  • Wario: Mario’s smelly rival who loves playing dirty. Specializes in Strength.
  • Waluigi: Luigi’s mysterious and flamboyant counterpart. Specializes in Speed.
  • Boom Boom: Your faithful AI-controlled goalie. You can’t control him directly, but don’t worry, he knows what he’s doing.

More characters are slated to be added to the game as free post-launch updates, though their precise identities have not been divulged at the time of writing. Hopefully, we’ll see a certain missing princess make a comeback at some point.

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