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How to Unlock Star and Super Star Clubs in Mario Golf Super Rush

How to Unlock Star and Super Star Clubs in Mario Golf Super Rush

The reason a typical golf bag has so many different clubs is that each one is designed for a different kind of shot and circumstance. You can’t swing at a ball in a bunker with a Driver, for example, it wouldn’t go anywhere. That said, if you have to lug around all those clubs, they might as well be the best they can be, and in just about any Mario game, it doesn’t get better than Stars. Here’s how to unlock Star and Super Star clubs in Mario Golf Super Rush.

In Mario Golf Super Rush, every character on the roster has their own dedicated experience meter, which is filled up by earning Character Points. Character Points are awarded to you for accomplishing particular things in a match with that character, from small sums like just playing a hole or getting a Birdie to major payouts from accomplishments like getting a Hole-in-One. When you get enough Character Points with a particular character, you can unlock new club sets for them. 

How to Unlock Star and Super Star Clubs in Mario Golf Super Rush

So how many Character Points do you need to get to unlock the two best Club sets for a character, the Star and Super Star sets? Well, you’ll need to get 1,000 and 3,000 Character Points, respectively. That means either getting a handful of Hole-in-Ones, or just playing a whole lot of golf in general.

There is, however, a way to cheese the system. All you need to do is start up a Stroke Play match on the Rookie Course with four human-controlled characters (they can all be on the same controller). When the match starts, just opt to restart the match from the first hole. This counts as clearing the hole, so every restart will net you 10 Character Points for every character playing. So if you don’t mind restarting 300 times, you’ll have those Super Star clubs in no time.

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