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How to Level Up your Mii Character Faster in Mario Golf Super Rush

How to Level Up your Mii Character Faster in Mario Golf Super Rush

I don’t keep many Miis on my Switch, since there isn’t really a reason to, so just for giggles, I made a new one from scratch when I started my Golf Adventure in Mario Golf Super Rush. This is how I ended up following the golf career of Dr. Venture from The Venture Bros. Considering Rusty’s lack of physical prowess, it’s been slow going, but luckily, there are a couple of good spots throughout the story where you can farm for experience. Here’s how to level up your Mii character faster in Mario Golf Super Rush.

Over the course of the Golf Adventure mode, your Mii golfer will earn experience points from completing matches and challenges. Even if you completely botch a round, you’ll still get experience from just playing. When you level up, you earn stat points that can be allocated to your Mii’s abilities, including how far they can drive, how well they can control the ball, how long they can dash, and more. Earning lots of XP is the key to getting your Mii to maximum potential and winning matches more easily, not to mention cleaning up with them when playing online.

How to Level Up your Mii Character Faster in Mario Golf Super Rush

There are two special challenges you encounter during the story that can serve as XP farms, one of which can be repeated as often as you want, while the other only works until you beat it.

The repeatable method is the Lob Instructions offered by Master Lob at Bonney Greens. All you need to do is skip all of the dialogue, take three shots, and end up in second place, and you’ll get 150 XP just for trying. This method can be repeated as many times as you like, and even returned to after finishing Golf Adventure.

The other method is the Master Duff Challenge offered by Master Duff in Balmy Dunes. You’ll take on this challenge after clearing Master Lob’s challenge. If you lose the Master Duff Challenge, you’ll receive 250 XP, and this can be milked as much as you want. You just have to take ten shots and whiff all of them for 25 XP a pop. The only catch is that, unlike Master Lob’s challenge, Master Duff will stop offering this challenge after you clear it, so if you’re already further into the story, you can’t use this method.

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