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How to earn Character Points in Mario Golf Super Rush

How to earn Character Points in Mario Golf Super Rush

Like any sport, golf requires practice. No one just picks up a 3 Wood and immediately drives the entire length of the Fairway. With repetition, be successful repetition or otherwise, comes practice, and with practice comes skill. It is true even for seasoned golfers like Mario and company. Here’s how to earn Character Points in Mario Golf Super Rush.

Every single playable character in Mario Golf Super Rush has a sort of invisible experience meter, which you fill by earning Character Points. By simply playing rounds of golf, the character you’re playing as will receive more Character Points, and if they earn enough points, they can unlock newer and better club sets. 

Remember, though, point totals are on a character-by-character basis, so if there’s a particular character you want to get better clubs for, you should use them more. The game doesn’t actually show you how many Character Points you earn after a match, but you can always check them from the Play Stats menu.

How to earn Character Points in Mario Golf Super Rush

You earn Character Points in Mario Golf Super Rush by playing rounds of golf. Just playing a round of golf will always net you some points, though if you do better, you’ll earn more points. Here are the exact point totals you can earn for each major action:

  • Hole-in-One: 100 points
  • Albatross (Three strokes under par): 50 points
  • Eagle (Two strokes under par): 20 points
  • Birdie (One stroke under par): 10 points
  • Playing any Hole: 10 points
  • Picking Up a Coin in Speed Golf: 3 points

If you don’t feel like playing a lot of golf, you can also employ the restart method to farm points. Just set a game up with four human-controlled characters, and the moment the match starts, press the Quit button from the pause menu and opt to restart the match from the first hole. 

This method still counts as playing a hole, so every character will receive ten points. Of course, you need a few thousand to get the best clubs, so you’ll need some time to unlock the star and super star clubs.

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