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Madden 22 – how to do Celebrations and Taunts

With the highly-anticipated release of the annual Madden video game comes yet another year of competitive online play for avid sports gamers. One of the most pivotal controls for creating a realistic yet competitive environment is knowing how to celebrate and taunt your opponent after making a big play. Even though the NFL may have deemed these plays “not nice,” Madden 22 celebrations and taunts are a staple of the game.

Once you’ve reached the point where all you see is an open field because your player made a wicked interception or weaved their way around every defender, it’s essential that you let your opponent hear about it. In Madden 22, if you want to throw a little more salt in the wound, you can either start showboating on your way into the endzone or after you’ve scored (or both!). 

Let’s dive into how to do celebrations and taunts in Madden 22.

Madden 22 Running and Endzone Celebrations

Here’s how to do running celebrations and endzone celebrations in Madden 22:

  • Running Celebrations – Press/Hold L2/R2/X (for PlayStation), or LT/RT/A (for Xbox). The ball carrier will then celebrate on his way down the field, and you can even cap it off by diving into the endzone with L2/Square for PlayStation or LT/X for Xbox. 
  • Endzone Celebrations – Once you’ve crossed the finish line, the fun doesn’t end here. You can then choose to move the right analog stick left, right, up, or down to activate signature touchdown celebrations, including dance, spike ball, team celebration, or the player’s signature celebration. 

It’s important to remember that to pull off any one of the ‘Running Celebrations’ successfully, you will need to be clear of any defenders around you. If a defender manages to tackle you during your celebration, you’re almost guaranteed to fumble the football.  

Also, with the introduction of Dynamic Gameday to Madden 22, the entire stadium environment, including player (and fan) animations and celebrations, should feel way more alive than in previous years, resulting in a far more rewarding gaming experience.

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