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Lost Ark Vestiges of Memories Guide

Prepare to talk to Jahara alot
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Released worldwide in 2022, Lost Ark is a free-to-play MMO available on PC. The game lets players team up with other players or compete in PVP as well as fighting enemies and bosses in the game’s open world. One of the most important features of any MMO is the quests. These are what will help introduce to locations across the game and expose you to different enemies. In this guide, we’ll show you how to complete the Vestiges of Memories quest.

Lost Ark Vestiges of Memories Guide

The quest begins in Nia Village. Here you’ll go speak to Jahara. She’ll be busy and the game will tell you to wait for her to notice. Once she does speak with her. After she asks you to go somewhere with her, type in the /surprise to use the surprising emotion. Next, compliment Jahara. Talk to her and then move the bookcase. You’ll then receive a list of errands, which are:

  • Find P.I. Granada Vol. 5
  • Find Olivia’s Dawn Vol. 2
  • Find Forbidden Fruit Vol. 1
  • Find Collective Research on Haal Language

Once you’ve found these items, hand the book to Jahara and talk with her. Look at the document she gives you and use the emotion /clap. Talk to her again and then head to the Secret Forest where you’ll speak with her again.

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After this, you’ll explore the ruins where you’ll interact with a doodle on the wall. Do this two more times and head back to Jahara. She’ll end up running to the scribblings you just found. Go there and talk to her again and you’ll get a cutscene. You’ll end the quest by returning to Nia village and talking to Jahara for a final time.

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