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How To Increase Charisma in Lost Ark

Turn up the charm.
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In just about any RPG setting, Lost Ark included, charisma is one of the most deceptively useful stats. Does it make you better at smashing stuff and casting magic? No, but it does improve how NPCs perceive and react to you. Sometimes, a jaunty smile and a pat on the back can get you more than a sword ever could. Here’s how to increase Charisma in Lost Ark.

How To Increase Charisma in Lost Ark

Charisma is one of your character’s four Virtues in Lost Ark, alongside Kindness, Courage, and Wisdom. Your Charisma stat is directly tied to your Rapport level, which determines how the game’s NPCs feel about you. If your Rapport is too low, the NPCs won’t trust you, and if they don’t trust you enough to even talk to you, you can forget about quests.

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Typically, whenever you earn Virtue points in Lost Ark, they’re automatically distributed across all four of your Virtues. As such, any Virtue boost you can get will have a net positive for your Charisma, though there are also a couple of ways to raise it specifically. You can raise your Virtue in Lost Ark in the following ways:

  • Complete sidequests and missions
  • Chat up NPCs
  • Consume Potions
  • Complete Una’s Tasks
  • Unlock Achievements
  • Equip Gear

Sidequests and Missions

Your first and foremost means of raising your Charisma is completing quests. Whether they be sidequests, short missions, or hidden substories, most quests will reward you with a blanket Virtue boost upon completion. You can see what kind of rewards you’ll get for completing a quest before you accept it, so make sure to read the fine print.

Chat Up NPCs

As you chat with the various NPCs of New World, your Rapport level will gradually increase. As I said before, your Charisma feeds directly into your Rapport, giving you access to more dialogue options and quests. Odds are good that if an NPC trusts you enough, they’ll give you a quest that may have more Charisma as a reward. More Charisma, more Rapport, more quests, and so on. It’s a lovely little feedback loop.

Consume Potions

Need to be a lot more charming in a hurry? Try drinking! A Charisma Potion, I mean, not alcohol. If you stumble upon any Charisma Potions in your travels, you can chug it from your inventory to immediately gain ten points in your Charisma stat. You can’t sell or trade these kinds of potions, so there’s no reason not to just down ’em.

Complete Una’s Tasks

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If you don’t have any missions or quests available to complete for Virtue boosts, turn instead to Una’s Tasks. Una’s Tasks refresh on a daily and weekly basis, and are just as likely to provide Virtue boosts upon completion, Charisma included.

Unlock Achievements

As you progress through Lost Ark, you’ll gradually unlock Achievements for things like clearing important quests or reaching certain milestones. All Achievements provide some manner of reward upon unlocking, and if you’re lucky, that reward will be a Charisma-boosting Title. Once you unlock a Title, you have its buff for good.

Equip Gear

If you only need to be a little more charismatic for a little while, gear is your best friend. Certain pieces of gear can provide temporary buffs to your Charisma stat as long as they’re equipped. Rarer pieces of gear can provide more substantial Charisma bonuses, as high as an extra 20 points!

Building your Charisma stat in Lost Ark is of vital importance because it ensures you get a constant flow of new quests and interactions. Without that stuff, what would you even be doing in this game?

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