Chemtech and Hextech Dragons Buffed, Camille Nerfed in League Patch 11.24
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Chemtech and Hextech Dragons Buffed, Camille Nerfed in League Patch 11.24

Chemtech and Hextech Dragons Buffed, Camille Nerfed in League Patch 11.24

The 2021 season is almost over and League of Legends’ first preseason patch is on its way. Adjustments to new Dragons, items, and several champions will be coming soon in League Patch 11.24.  

We are about to enter Season 12 and the final patch of Season 11 is nearly upon us to close out the season. A major balance update awaits us this patch. In this preseason patch, Riot is fixing a few buggy problems and finally releasing fan-selected Debonair skins.

The designer on the Summoner’s Rift team for League, Phlox, announced that they will be nerfing and tweaking several new features added in the 2022 preseason. These include Hextech and Chemtech dragons.

League of Legends 11.24 Patch Notes

In terms of champions, Ivern and Camille are the two champions of this patch that receive buffs and nerfs directly. Camille has been a very powerful pick in the top lane and will subsequently be receiving a nerf. On the contrary, Ivern was falling way behind with both his jungle dominance and the use of his abilities, so we hope they can get him a little bit into the game with this new patch. Kled is the only champion to receive some adjustments, and the changes will be better understood when the patch notes are released tomorrow.

The new Chemtech buff makes you invisible in certain areas on the LoL map, which is an innovative new feature. Especially for Rengar, the champion who benefits the most from invisibility. Rengar, therefore, no longer needs a bush to jump on an opponent. That’s OP! But needs to be nerfed urgently. There’s no solid information about this in the patch notes, but Phlox made the following statements in a tweet:

New dragons and changes in runes, jungle camps, and items will alter many game mechanics. It was clear that a nerf would come, especially since the two new dragons, Hextech and Chemtech Dragons, have very strong and effective souls. While the mini dragons are buffed, the souls of these two dragons are getting a sharp nerf in patch 11.24. Especially the Chemtech soul, which was potentially far too powerful. 

We can say that it is the same as Sion’s passive, as you just use your skills and spells as an extra. If your champion dies, you’ll be given a second chance and respawn for a while, while your health drops significantly. We think they will undoubtedly bring a few tweaks to this.

Moreover, there was an event where League of Legends players chose a new skin-line. The results show that the Debonair theme prevails, and the new skin-line is finally out, with Leona, Malzahar, LeBlanc, Master Yi, Zed, Draven, and Brand all receiving new skins in the 11.24 patch.

Additionally, the Conqueror rune also receives buffs, while the popular Predator and Glacial runes receive a heavy nerf. Lethal Temp and Axiom Arc runes will also get some adjustments.

All in all, it seems like before the new League 11.24 patch arrives, we should try to enjoy these dragon souls and Camille. Until then, we wait for the official patch notes. Have a nice game, summoner!

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