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League of Legends MSI Rumble Stage Day 4 Results

League of Legends MSI Rumble Stage Day 4 Results

After today, 80% of the matches will have been played to decide the top four competitors for the Semifinal Bracket stage.  Cloud9 inspired hope with their victory against Royal Never Give Up only to abolish it in their loss against the winless Pentanet GG.  At this point, upsets can occur anywhere, heroes can be born out of thin air, and, at least for NA, hope is flickering.

League of Legends MSI Rumble Stage Day 4 Results

Here are the results for day four of the League of Legends MSI Rumble Stage:

PSG Talon0 – 1Royal Never Give Up
MAD Lions0 – 1Damwon KIA
Cloud91 – 0Royal Never Give Up
Pentanet GG0 – 1MAD Lions
Damwon KIA1 – 0PSG Talon
Pentanet GG1 – 0Cloud9
Image: LoL Wiki

Match of the Day

Cloud9 vs Royal Never Give Up the indisputable highlight of the day – the Chinese frontrunners did not simply lose to the North American hopefuls, they were routed.  From the first three minutes, C9 Blaber decided that the role ‘jungler’ was only a suggestion and that perma-ganking was a more fun way to play the game.  From there, C9 secured dragon after dragon and executed teamfights excellently to the point where RNG could do nothing with their 1-3-1 split push composition.  The Twisted Fate from Cryin did not exert as much pressure as he would have liked while Xiaohu’s Jayce was never able to dominate the matchup versus Fudge’s Lee Sin.  The implications of this game were huge when it aired live, although the rest of the day offers a different narrative.

And in a sick sequence of events, Pentanet GG vs MAD Lions was an entertaining matchup in the runner-up game of the day.  PGG getting absolutely destroyed in at least one game seems to be a divine trend that has not been broken yet…

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