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League of Legends MSI Rumble Stage Day 2 Results

League of Legends MSI Rumble Stage Day 2 Results

The MSI 2021 Rumble Stage is underway with six teams representing North America, Europe, China, Korea, Australia, and Hong Kong.  If a team manages to secure a top four spot in the double round-robin style brawl fest, they move onto the bracket stage and take one step further to hoisting the MSI trophy.

League of Legends MSI Rumble Stage Day 2 Results

Here are the results for day two of the League of Legends MSI Rumble Stage:

Pentanet GG0 – 1Royal Never Give Up
Damwon KIA1 – 0Cloud9
MAD Lions0 – 1Royal Never Give Up
Cloud90 – 1PSG Talon
Pentanet GG0 – 1Damwon KIA
MAD Lions1 – 0PSG Talon

Day two has concluded and below are the results for the day.  Some significant details include the NA representatives Cloud9 and Australian hopefuls Pentanet GG sitting at an abysmal 0-4, with the Chinese juggernauts Royal Never Give Up commanding a 4-0 comfort zone ahead of the competition.

Match of the Day

Pentanet GG cannot catch a break, suffering humiliating losses against PSG Talon on Day One and Damwon KIA on Day Two.  The problem for Pentanet GG during today’s match against Damwon KIA was twofold; Pentanet GG executed their plans to within 90% of completion, but DWK is skilled enough to spot the missing 10% and punish PGG for their hubris.  In a similar display of events to Day One, PGG obtained their first kill 18 minutes into the game but not before suffering a 10k gold lead and giving up 12 deaths to DWK.  In a sub 20 minute game, DWK stomp through PGG and place themselves in a favorable position going into the second half of the double round-robin.

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