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League of Legends MSI Grand Finals Schedule: RNG vs DWK

League of Legends MSI Grand Finals Schedule: RNG vs DWK

At 9 AM EST tomorrow, Royal Never Give Up and Damwon KIA will be fighting in the Grand Final of the 2021 League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational. For many fans, this matchup was the expected outcome – both teams were the 1 and 2 seed in the eyes of many, with China and Korea consistently performing well in international competitions. Not only will tomorrow be a battle of countries, but also a battle of veterans who have their eyes set on the gold.

League of Legends MSI Grand Finals Schedule

Here is the schedule for the League of Legends MSI Grand Finals on May 23:

9 AM ESTRoyal Never Give UpDamwon KIABO5

Battle of Philosophy

The match tomorrow will theoretically come down to a contest of mid laners. Whereas Showmaker will look to free himself from laning phase to destroy the map, ex mid-laner Xiaohu will look to absorb resources for himself in top lane to roll over Khan. The late-game will predictably be handed off to Gala and Ghost’s positioning while being supported by their stellar supports, but the X factor in this matchup has to be Showmaker and Xiaohu.  

How influential the junglers can be in the early game is paramount, as is the trend throughout this tournament. Both teams may be aiming for the top, but any victory is built upon a solid foundation, and any stable foundation is a team effort to establish and sustain.

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