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League of Legends Akali and Yuumi Hotfix Incoming

Lead Gameplay Designer for League of Legends, Mark Yetter, just announced on Twitter that the team is working on hotfixes for Akali and Yuumi. The change comes in light of the 10.3 changes that were made that nerfed Akali and Yuumi.

League of Legends Akali and Yuumi Hotfix Incoming

The Akali and Yuumi hotfix will be deployed soon, and the following details have been announced:


  • E damage 40-160 > 50-190
  • R cooldown 160-100 > 120-60
  • R1 damage 85-215 > 125-325


  • Q base damage 40-165 > 40-190
  • E base heal 70-190 > 70-210

As one fan replied, the circle of life and death continues for Akali. It is good to see Riot Games is still working on her as much as they are.

As of 5:00 PM EST, Mark says the hotfix will be deployed very soon and will provide an update once complete.

It looks like the next legend to go under the microscope for the next patch is Soraka. They are considering a hotfix but want to make sure everything is good before deploying.

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