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Last Fortress: Underground – How to Capture a City

The city is yours for the taking.
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Sieging a city in Last Fortress: Underground can require a bit of planning. Attempting to overtake a city without proper preparation will likely result in failure. While it may be simple, that doesn’t mean there isn’t some degree of difficulty to it.

Last Fortress: Underground – How to Capture a City

There are 2 stages for capturing a city: taking down the Garrison and taking down the Wall. You only have 30 minutes to do so. Because of this, you’ll need the right units at the right time. It’s best not to run this alone or shorthand and instead get as much assistance from your alliance as possible. Make sure your rally with multiple players for additional boosts.

The Garrison

The Garrison is the first line of defense and will feature several troops and heroes. This is dependent on the level of the city, as a higher level will have a stronger Garrison. For example, a level 4 city may have units that are level 70+. Immunity plays a key role as a low immunity means your troops will get wiped out fast. You’ll also want to have heroes that can deal with the enemy troops as quickly as possible. You’ll see a progress bar above the city that shows the health of each Garrison soldier in succession and how many are left.

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The Wall

The Wall’s condition is essentially its hit points. You’ll want a team that can do heavy destruction damage to quickly knock down the wall. Once you’ve exhausted them all, go for the heroes you have that deal the most damage.  Ship them out on a truck and let them do their thing. Pay attention to the queue as your alliance members may have better trucks to send than whatever secondary team you want.

If your team fails to capture the city the first time, you can try again. The Wall will retain the damage you’ve dealt so far but will slowly regain its health over time. The Garrison is instantly erected again so you’ll have to deal with them at full health.

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