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Last Fortress: Underground – How to Change Servers

Your fortress is in another server.
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Last Fortress: Underground is a mobile game that has you join or form alliances to help overcome a zombie apocalypse. Because you can’t interact with factions on a different servers, it can be a problem if you and a friend want to join an alliance. Thankfully, there’s a way to switch your server in order to find one that works best for you.

Last Fortress: Underground – How to Change Servers

There are two early ways to change servers, though it leads you to the same screen regardless of which method you choose. One is only accessible after you play enough of the game but it shouldn’t take you too long to do so.

The First Method

The first method is the simplest one. Click on your portrait/avatar in the upper left-hand corner and you’ll be taken to your commander info card. Here you can change your name, look at achievements, or write a description on your profile. But you can also change servers here, though it can be easy to miss. In the top center of your screen, you’ll seen a symbol next to a number. Clicking that symbol gives you a list of servers available for you to switch over to.

Commander Screen for Last Fortress
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The Second Method

The second method can only be done after completing chapter 4 and once you start exploring the World. You’ll have to rescue a character and, for a bit, won’t have any control except doing that. But, once you can control it, when you’re on the world map screen keep scrolling out until you see “world overview” in the bottom right hand corner. Clicking on that allows you to change servers.

World overview map in Last Fortress
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Available servers screen in Last Fortress
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