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Last Epoch: The Best Acolyte Builds

Choose the best loadout for this class!
Last Epoch Shaman Totem Master Build (0.8.4)
Image via Eleventh Hour Games

Last Epoch is an RPG dungeon crawler game that puts players at the controls of an experienced warrior adventuring through its beautifully-animated world. Explore and discover valuable loot as well as powerful weapons that are sure to increase your skill in combat. As you play, learn to fight against the many different monsters that inhabit this world, all of which have one thing in common: the desire to see you taken down. Choose from over a dozen different classes in the game as you work to build the strongest character that suits your playstyle, and journey either alone or with a group of up to three other players. In this guide we will cover how to make the best Acolyte builds in Last Epoch.

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What Are Some of the Strongest Acolyte Builds in Last Epoch?

Last Epoch Rogue Leveling Guide for Flurry Bladedancer
Image via Eleventh Hour Games

In order to build a strong Acolyte, it is important that you choose all of the best skills that are available to this class. Also, picking the right gear that helps to accomplish what your build aims to do in combat can be crucial to having a character proficient in battle. Without any further ado, here are a couple of our favorite builds in Last Epoch, along with what makes them so great in the game.

The Melee Acolyte Build

This build is designed to have a lot of survivability, which makes it great for playing in solo runs. It can also get through most of the game content without too much of a struggle, until you reach the endgame of course. One of the cons of this build is that it is very gear dependent in regards to its damage output, and it can also be hard to level earlier on in the game.

Some of the skills that you should use with this build are the Mind Harvest and Mirror Soul skills, since they will help to boost your ward gen and leveling potential. Lingering Curse and Long Gaze are also helpful to boost your power in combat, and the Wandering Spirits passive ability can be helpful with both additional damage and passive ward generation.

The gear that you will want to pick for this build is not too special, since what you’ll want are the 1-handed Sword and a Shield, which will help you to survive for longer. However, if you think your ward generation and life leech are strong enough, try going for the 2-handed Sword for extra damage and reach. The faster your melee weapon is with this build, the better you will do in combat.

The Flame Wraith Build

For this build, your main focus is on dealing a ton of damage to all of your enemies, as fast as possible. It is especially strong against large bosses and slow-moving hostiles, and it has a lot of ward generation thanks to the minions you will create by using it. Luckily for players who struggle to find items, the required ones that are necessary for this build can be simple to find. Unfortunately, this build does suffer from inconsistent Wraith damage when adversaries are more spread out, and this makes the clear speed of this build moderate.

Although there aren’t too many strong skills for this build, we recommend that you pick Forbidden Knowledge, which will help boost Necrotic Resistance and Intelligence. Also, in the second Tier of the Acolyte Tree make sure to pick Stolen Vitality to boost both your own Vitality and your Minion Health, and Dark Rituals which gives a buff to both Minion Attack and Cast Speed.

When you’re choosing gear for these builds, it’s important to look for those that can increase Minion Damage and Minion Health, since you’ll want to make your summoned helpers as powerful as possible. Julra’s Obsession Gloves, Logi’s Hunger Amulet and the Aberrant Call Staff are all great picks for this build, since these uniques can help to raise the stats that are most critical to ensuring the build works well. Good luck on your journey!

This marks the very end of our Last Epoch Acolyte build tutorial, and we hope that you enjoyed it! If you’re hungering to read even more about this intense RPG title, feel free to check out our extensive Last Epoch section on the website! Make sure that you do not miss out on our official Facebook page, which is where you can join the discussion and keep up to date with all of our latest content on games you know and love playing.

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