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Last Epoch: How to Play Multiplayer

Play with your friends!
Last Epoch
Image via Eleventh Hour Games

Last Epoch is a dungeon crawler RPG that was released thanks to Kickstarter a few years ago. Since then, the game has grown a community in large part due to its Indie-like design, immersive graphics and engaging combat system that even veteran dungeon crawler players can fall in love with. The game pits you against various enemies as you work either alone or in a team of players to complete missions and objectives, always on the hunt for loot and rare items that can bolster your performance in battle.

There are tons of ways to play Last Epoch, ranging from different game modes to levels of difficulty. Set up offline characters for playing alone, and create a couple for online games that you want to try out with friends! In this guide we will cover how to go about playing multiplayer mode in Last Epoch, a feature that only released in beta form on March 9th!

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How Do You Play Multiplayer Mode in Last Epoch?

Last Epoch Shaman Totem Master Build (0.8.4)
Image via Eleventh Hour Games

If you’re looking to play Last Epoch with some of your buddies, you’re in luck! The feature was only just added, but we already know a ton about it and how you can go about setting up a game. Firstly, the maximum amount of people that you can have in one party is currently four players, which is a standard size for most dungeon crawlers. Additionally, any characters that you create in the online mode cannot be played in the offline game, and vice versa. This means that you unfortunately cannot do crossovers with some of your favorites, even though that would be a lot of fun to try out.

In order to play with others, simply join a party or create one yourself and begin adventuring with your teammates! PvP is not yet a feature in the game, but is a potential possibility that the developers have announced they are looking into. However, there is also no friendly fire option in Last Epoch, so feel free to swing away without any worry of damaging your allies in battle! Also, you cannot yet spectate or inspect other players yet, but you may eventually be able to after the 1.0 update releases for the game.

Will the Game Be Easier in Groups?

The developers have maintained that they don’t want to make it too much easier to play through Last Epoch in a team. This means bosses will have their health scale per additional party member in a group, although luckily damage will not stack when there are more gamers fight it at once. Players will have a grace period when they spawn into a party member’s current area if they’re in combat though, so you won’t have to worry about getting instantly killed upon entry.

Can You See Other Players?

You will only be able to see other players in the main world if you’re in a team with them. However, a feature that the developers have announced will be coming soon is the ability to see people you aren’t currently partied with in non-combat zones, for example places like towns and other safe areas that are generally considered to be for public use.

This marks the end of our Last Epoch multiplayer guide, and we hope that you enjoyed it! If you want to read more about this fantastic RPG title, feel free to check out our Last Epoch section on Gamer Journalist! Be sure that you don’t miss our official Facebook page, where you can join the discussion and keep up to date with all of our latest content on games you know and love to play.

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