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Is Warframe Cross-Play or Cross-Save?

Ideally, we'll have some good news soon, Tenno!
Image via Digital Extremes

It’s almost been a decade since Warframe initially released, but it’s still going strong to this day. Tenno of all shapes and sizes are enjoying the latest update as of writing, Khora Prime. But, one question that seems to be plaguing players is whether or not Warframe is Cross-Play or Cross-Save. Join us as we take a dive down the rabbit hole and figure out the answer to this incredibly important question.

Is Warframe Cross-Play or Cross-Save?

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but as of writing, Warframe is neither Cross-Play or Cross-Save. If you want to play with friends, you’ll have to make sure they’re playing on the same platform you are. The only exception to this rule is that PS4 Tenno can play with PS5 Tenno, Xbox One Tenno can adventure with friends on Xbox Series X|S, but unfortunately, PS4/PS5 gamers can’t play with their Xbox brethren.

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Will Warframe Get Cross-Play or Cross-Save?

It would seem so! Digital Extremes, who develops Warframe, has expressed their intent to open the gates and make Warframe cross-play/cross-save. It’s not clear as of writing when these features will be added to the game, but as of mid-July, the developer has renewed their commitment to introducing them. So, in the meantime, we advise that anyone who would take advantage of these features to be patient.

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