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Is The Sims 4 Multiplayer? Explained

Can you play Sims with friends?
The Sims 4
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Is The Sims 4 Multiplayer? It makes sense that Simmers want to include multiplayer. Imagine taking your Sim to the park and meeting up with your friends? Think of the stories you could create and how much fun that would be. There was a point in time when Sims did have an online mode, unfortunately it discontinued in 2008. What players wanted was the ability to boot up Sims 4 and just head into online mode similar to GTA online. Knowing that we had an online mode in the past does this mean the future will have multiplayer?

Will There Be a Sims Multiplayer?

For Simmers who have played the game since the beginning, we remember, that we did have at one point a multiplayer ability in The Sims Bustin’ Out in 2003. The game wasn’t like how Sims 4 is today, instead, it acted as an adventure game. You could use what’s calle Online Weekend mode to talk to other players and work together during the actual story mode of the game. That was the closest thing to a multiplayer that the community got. We also were given a not-so-popular online game that focused on regular Sim gameplay with other people. You had a monthly subscription and you could talk to other simmers, bowl, dance, and sell items. Unfortunately due to low sales it was pulled and discontinued.

Will The Sims 4 Get Multiplayer?

Now that we know multiplayer was a thing and online mode was also a thing, so, does this mean in the possible future we could get a multiplayer mode? Maybe. Maybe not. CEO of EA Games, Andrew Wilson has hinted that it was a possibility. They would look into it. It might just mean we won’t be getting one at all or it means we might get one. Even though the company isn’t making a multiplayer mod that doesn’t mean modders have already risen to the occasion to fulfill dreams.

Multiplayer Mod in Sims 4

Thanks to an incredible modder by the name of S4MP they have created a mod designed for multiplayer where you can play Sims with your friends. How does it work? Both parties have to download the mod and have the same version of the game installed on a local network. One PC is the server and the other PC will join the game. You can play the game with up to 12 simmers and in the possible future that will change. If you’re wanting to test out this mod check out S4MP Multiplayer Mod available for free and is compatible with Mac users as well!

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