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Is The Mortuary Assistant Replayable? – Answered

There's a lot more to it than meets the eye!
The Mortuary Assistant
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The Mortuary Assistant has proven to be the horror game of 2022 that keeps on giving, and we mean that in every sense of the phrasing. Today we’ll be covering how exactly The Mortuary Assistant is replayable and where its replay value can be found in its current state and even future state.

Is The Mortuary Assistant Replayable? – Answered

Yes, the Mortuary Assistant is replayable. The Mortuary Assistant’s replay value can be found in a number of ways. Firstly, each and every playthrough offers something different. The differences consist of alternate bodies, puzzles, and encounters – or more aptly put, jump scares – through its Haunt system. This means that no one playthrough can ever progress in the same way that players have seen before.

The game knows what players have seen in subsequent playthroughs so that it ensures there is no repeating of events and story beats. As a result of such variety in how its runs can play out, players will be discovering something new in each one. This can be about its own player character of Rebecca who has vague origins and other crucial story elements about the mortuary itself and other lore details, sometimes all being discoverable in one playthrough or otherwise.

In The Mortuary Assistant, replay value means not only discovering everything that there is to find out about its story, characters and world, but also for extras unlocking purposes. While all of these aspects are optional, not only will they increase replay value but it makes for the title being well worth its asking price what with its achievements that are tied into everything we have said about it.

“All the Pieces” requires having seen every single major story event that will not play out within a single playthrough, whilst achievements like “Well Preserved” and “Light Em Up!” are rewarded to players who have embalmed 100 bodies and burnt 50 bodies which can only be done with by a number of playthroughs. The most obvious example here is with the achievement “The Mortician”, given out to players who have experienced all five endings.

Multiple reruns are absolutely necessary to see everything that the game has to offer even in its current state both content-wise and story-wise. You will not understand the game in its entirety without reruns.

Future Potential

That’s not all either. Creator Brian Clarke told Bloody Disgusting that there may very well be more content yet to come alongside regular updates, especially in the month of October. In a separate interview with PHASR, Clarke says he wants to add more bodies and haunting events. But right now he’s working on ironing out bugs and glitches in the game. According to Clarke, the future holds ghoulish new content additions and alternate play modes as well as the potential of future DLC down the line.

All this makes it an easy question to answer – The Mortuary Assistant does and will continue to have replay value even in the foreseeable future!

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