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Is Reddit Down? How to Fix Reddit Not Loading

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Reddit is known for its diverse array of content and communities, where users can express their hobbies or ask their burning questions. All of that might come to a stop if suddenly your Reddit isn’t loading or working. As frustrating as it is, you’ll have to do some troubleshooting if you want to experience Reddit again.

What to do if Reddit isn’t loading

Check the server status

Before you do anything, make sure it isn’t just a ‘you’ problem. Reddit, like anything else, can be prone to server failures and shutdowns. Thankfully, there is a simple and live service that will keep users updated on the server status of Reddit. Simply check that to make sure the servers aren’t down. If they are, then you can only wait. If they aren’t, then there is a problem on your end.

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Restart device and router

If the server isn’t down, then it is likely a connectivity issue. Restart your internet router and restart your device. In other words, turn everything on and off again. Open up Reddit when everything is running. If things still aren’t loading, then you’ll need to keep trying.

Update the Reddit app

It could be that your Reddit app isn’t updated, if you are using the application form of any kind. Go into the app provider that you downloaded the Reddit app from and make sure there are no pending updates. If it is out of date, then update your app and start it up again. If it is still not working, then you are running out of option.

Reinstall Reddit

The ultimate turn it off and on again move, delete the app, if you are using it in any form, and reinstall it. This will ensure that your app is up to date. If the app loads and is still not working, then make sure to check the server status one more time.

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