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Is Kratos Immortal in God of War: Ragnarok?

God of War or God of Undying
close up of Kratos in god of war ragnarok
Image Via Santa Monica Studios

The Ghost of Sparta has been around for a long time. Kratos has built his legacy on death and traveled far and wide to escape that legacy as well. Can Kratos himself really die, however? That’s the real question. Throughout the God of War series, we see the Spartan kill the unkillable as well as survive and surpass death for years, possibly a millennia if you believe the fan theories. To quote the big man himself, “Death can have me when it earns me.” As our journey with him continues in God of War Ragnarok, the question isn’t just, ‘is Kratos immortal’ but how immortal is he?

Is Kratos Immortal?

The quick answer is yes, of course, Kratos is Immortal. He’s a demi-god turned full god in the Greek series of events of God of War. All Gods are Immortal, meaning they don’t die of old age. As Kratos has proven time and time again, however, that doesn’t mean Gods are unkillable. Kratos is also cursed to be unable to kill himself.

The phrase “only a god can kill a god” comes up every now and then throughout the whole GoW series. Kratos proves that point, but aside from the player dying in-game, story-wise, it’s almost difficult to tell if another God can actually kill Kratos. This is where fan speculation comes in and theories can run wild.

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How Old Is Kratos?

As far as in-game story proof goes. Kratos has lived a long time since he killed his family and took revenge on Aries. His time in Midgard might be much longer than we realize before he settles down with his second wife Faye. There is no true confirmation for how old Kratos is, but if you want to try and factor in real-world time periods, you get an interesting answer.

Of course, you can smudge when things happen in this overly mythological-heavy epic from Santa Monica Studios, but it might be safe to assume even they wouldn’t say it’s only a few decades apart. The height of Ancient Greece was around 500 – 300 BC. The Viking age didn’t start until around 800-900 AD. That’s at least a thousand years or more.

It’s safe to say at the very least, Kratos is immortal with age, but can he be killed? Perhaps only events, rather than time, will tell.

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