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All Alberich Island Collectibles in God of War: Ragnarok

Calling All Completionists!
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In God of War: Ragnarok’s Alberich Island, a fair number of collectibles can be found by the keenest of players. Especially if you want to know more about the game’s world, these items should definitely be a priority as you progress through Svartalfheim. If you’re currently playing through Ragnarok’s story and don’t want these collectibles to distract from that, read on for specific locations of each!

All Alberich Island Collectibles and Where to Find Them

In order to access each of these collectibles, you must have reached a certain point in the main story. It might make this process easier if you wait to begin the collectible hunt until completing the story. It’s up to you and how you choose to play. No matter, here’s how to find each collectible on Alberich Island!

How to Find the Nornir Chest

In the north of Alberich Island, you can take a boat to a beach where you’ll find this Nornir Chest. You’ll have to destroy three seals in the surrounding area to unlock it, however.

How to Find the Berserker’s Gravestone

NOTE: If you are having difficulty with this, it’s because gravestones are only accessible after completing the main quest entitled “The Word of Fate.”

In the area nearby the Nornir Chest, you’ll find the gravestone. Interact with it to initiate an intense fight between Kratos and a mob of enemies. At the conclusion of this fight is a battle with a mini-boss named Beigadr the Feared. So, show them you feel no fear and take this enemy down. As soon as this mini-boss is defeated, you’ll be rewarded handsomely.

How to Find the Lost Treasure

You can initiate this side quest by locating the spirit who rests atop a large wall near the gravestone. Find a way up to it and accept the quest. In order to accomplish this, you’ll need the spear, which is obtained after completing the main quest entitled “Forging Destiny.”

How to Find Odin’s Ravens

From where you accepted the spirit’s side quest, you should see a broken bridge nearby. Continue onward until you see some soundstone that can be destroyed by your companion’s Sonic Arrow. Go through the newly opened path and, if you look closely, you’ll see the first of Odin’s ravens.

The second of Odin’s ravens can be found shortly after obtaining the treasure map, so come back to this point after you’ve nabbed that. Climb a nearby step, but stop! To your left, you’ll see an alcove where the raven is resting. Take your chance, and its life, to mark this collectible as complete.

How to Find the Yggdrasil Rift

NOTE: If you are having difficulty with this, it’s because Yggdrasil Rifts are only accessible after completing the main quest entitled “Forging Destiny.” In order to accomplish this, you will also need to complete the Favor: The Lost Lindwyrms side quest.

From where you killed the first of Odin’s ravens, look down at the large, wooden platform. It’s here where you should see the Rift. In order to reach it, however, you’ll need to explode a nearby rock, which will raise the nearby lift that you passed in order to reach the raven. Use the Draupnir Spear here. If successful, you’ll have a newly accessible grapple point that will propel you to the lower platform. Interact with the Rift to mark this off your shortlist of Alberich Island collectibles.

How to Find the Treasure Map

From the lower platform, proceed onward towards a nearby grapple point and use it to propel yourself to the far shore. You should see the glowing treasure map to your left.

How to Find the Legendary Chest

I’ll be the first to admit, this one is a little more complicated than the others. But, thankfully, it’s not very far from where you’re currently located. So, from where you killed the second of Odin’s ravens, turn around and you’ll see a rock that needs detonating. Continue along the pathway until you reach a chain that you can interact with. You will need to interact with the chain, then throw your axe at the target that’s located right above where you found the treasure map. Doing this will lower a gate blocking another rock that you can detonate, but it’s timed! Head back to the grapple point and use it to return to the platform where the Rift was located. Follow it around, and quickly detonate the rock before the gate raises.

If successful, it’s time for some Deja vu. Return to the chain and interact with it. Throw your axe at the same target, run back around, and use the grapple point to reach the wooden platform. But, instead of going to the exact same place, stop as soon as you land. Turn towards the water wheel and freeze the geyser, at which point the lift will lower, and another grapple point will be accessible. Remember, you’re on a time table here! Run to the left and use the grapple point to land safely in the lift.

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Recall your axe to make the lift raise again. Up above, you’ll encounter a bunch of minor enemies. Take care of them, and grapple to the ledge ahead of you. But don’t relax! Turn around and grapple to the next highest ledge. This is where you’ll find the Legendary Chest.

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