How to use Wirebug Moves and Controls in Monster Hunter Rise
Image via Capcom

Wirebugs are a brand new feature in Monster Hunter Rise, and an important part of your Hunter’s toolkit. They unlock additional movement and attack maneuvers, allowing you to fly around the map and gain a tactical advantage against monsters. It’s pretty easy to understand some of the basics of the mechanic, and it proves to be a welcome addition to the game for players of all skill levels. Here’s how to use Wirebug moves and controls in Monster Hunter Rise.

Wirebug moves rely on charges, which you’ll have two of to start. You can regenerate the charges after using the abilities. Each move makes Wirebugs go on cooldown for varying amounts of time, so you’ll need to wait for them to recharge before using them again.

Wirebug Moves in Monster Hunter Rise

Here’s a quick breakdown of all the Wirebug move controls in Monster Hunter Rise:

Wiredash (Up)ZL + XWhile in the air, this launches you forward. Press it once to launch you up, and again to dash.
Wiredash (Forward)ZL + AWhen you’re in the air, this sends you down.
Wiredash (Targeted)ZL + ZRSends you toward wherever you’re aiming, and consumes a Wirebug.
Midair StopA (while in the air)Press A while in the air to hang.
Midair EvasionL stick + BAim with left stick, and press B to dodge in that direction after a Wiredash.
WirefallZL + BPress to recover from a monster’s attack that sends you back.
Silkbind (Blademasters)ZL + X or A (when weapon is drawn)When weapons are drawn, this performs a Silkbind attack.
Silkbind (Bow Gun or Bow)R + X or AWhen weapons are drawn, this does a Silkbind attack winth ZL is used for aiming.

One thing to keep in mind is that ZL is the Wirebug button. Use this in conjunction with other buttons to do different Wirebug-related movements or attacks.

Wirebug Dashing

Mobility is one of the best parts about the Wirebug in Monster Hunter Rise. Memorizing the basics can be challenging at first, but we have a few tips for you to try out. Wirebugs dashing allows you to quickly move forward, up, or recover from an attack. These are defensive or passive Wirebugs, so they only take one charge and have a short recharge period. Here are the controls, so you can reference them:

  • ZL + X: go into the air.
  • ZL + A: go forward along the ground.
  • ZL + B: recover from an attack in a direction.
  • ZL + Target + ZR: go in a target direction.

While you’re in the air, you can tap A to hang out in the air or tap B to flip. Pressing X dashes forward in the air, and A launches you back down. In short, ZL and X get you up into the air, and ZL and A keeps you grounded.

Silkbind Attacks

Similar to the dashing technique, you can perform different moves if your weapons are drawn. Each weapons has some Silkbind attacks of its own, two of which you start with, and another which unlocks a few hours into the game. Silkbind attacks can let you Wyvern Ride on monsters down the line.

  • ZL + X: Silkbind attack
  • ZL + A: Silkbind attack

To perform these maneuvers, you’ll be pressing ZL + X or ZL + A with your weapons out. It depends on what weapon you’re using, so you’ll need to do some experimenting to see what each combination does with your arsenal. Be sure not to get interrupted during a Silkbind attack, or you will lose your chance to attack, along with the Wirebugs.

You’ll eventually unlock Great Wirebugs, which are upgrades like slingshots. Walk over to them and tap A to get launched over part of the map and land in a new area. You can only place them on Jewel Lilies, so be on the lookout for these on the map.

There are also random Wirebugs flying around in different parts of the map, so pick them up when you can to increase your charges by one (the cap is three). The third only lasts for a specific amount of time, and will begin flashing when it’s about to leave.