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How to use Persephone in Metal: Hellsinger

A sweet name for a viscous beast.
persephone in Metal Hellsinger
Screenshot by GJ / The Outsiders

Metal: Hellsinger is an insane rhythm FPS game all about delving into hell to take back what was taken. Players will fight through eight different hells, toppling and slaughtering every beast and titan that gets in their way. Along the journey, players will benefit from different weapons, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. The first non-permanent weapon that players encounter is a shotgun called Persephone, the Queen of Death. Here is how to use this incredibly powerful weapon.

How to effectively use Persephone in Metal: Hellsinger

Persephone is essentially a shotgun, so short-range with high damage output. It is a trusty secondary, if not a primary.

Toppling titans and squashing beasts

Being a shotgun, you have minimal range with the Queen of Death, but that’s all you need when faced with bounding Marionettes. As long as you hit on-beat, a whole horde of Marionettes will be wasted, clearing the way if you are cornered, or simply don’t want to deal with them.

Having a magazine size of eight bullets allows you to do more than crowd control. Persephone suddenly becomes a great asset in defeating larger, bulkier enemies. Cambions quickly become light work as you quickly unleash rounds, and any Behemoth will be toppled after merely a few reloads.

perfect hit in metal hellsinger
Screenshot by GJ / The Outsiders

The mag size and the fire rate allow this weapon to eradicate crowds, cut down moderate enemies, and consistently hack away at larger, tougher enemies. With such versatility, this weapon becomes a reliable option if forced into close-quarter combat.

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Fast Travel

The weapon’s short effective range can actually be warped into a benefit. Shooting enemies, preferably Marionettes, at a long range won’t kill them straight away, but will make them vulnerable for slaughter. This means that with one shot, you open yourself up for a fast travel to get you out of a pinch in a moment’s notice. It will also recover your health, too.

This doesn’t work with tougher enemies but can really help if you need a get-away. In Hell, any potential tip will, at one point, most likely end up saving your life.

Seventh Seal

Persephone’s ultimate is the Seventh Seal, which unleashes a hugely damaging shot that punches through opponents. It will well-worth charging up the ultimate, as it can one-tap Behemoth’s and really chunk away at a Boss’s health bar. Having this charged up will provide an excellent back-up plan if defeat seems imminent. Behemoth flying through the sky to cut you to bits? Unleash the ultimate.

persephone ultimate in metal hellsinger
Screenshot by GJ / The Outsiders

Starting off – or finishing – a boss battle with this ultimate makes the job just a little easier.

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