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How to unlock and use Sigils in Metal: Hellsinger

One Archdevil's waste is another demon's treasure
escaping unknown in Metal Hellsinger
Screenshot by GJ / The Outsiders

Metal: Hellsinger is a scarcely forgiving place, with beasts and titans and fragile fury metres. So, when a boon comes your way, you’d better take it. It may be the only thing to grace your journey. There are seven Sigils that you can unlock and use throughout the game to grant you bonuses. But they won’t come easy. Here’s how to unlock and use Sigils in Metal: Hellsinger.

What are Sigils in Metal: Hellsinger?

Sigils are bonuses that you can activate before entering a hell to assist you. Out of your unlocked Sigils, you can only bring two into hell, but it is worth unlocking them all to reveal everything they can help you with, to give you options. From that point, you can focus on leveling up your favourites.

They can help from giving you free ammo, such as the Ghost Rounds (a reward from the Weapon Trickery torment) or a constant fury level (a reward form the Giantslayer torment).

How to unlock Sigils in Metal: Hellsinger

Sigils are rewards from completing torments. Once a hell has been conquered, three torments will become available to play in that hell.

Torments are essentially mini-games that you must complete to earn the appropriate sigil depending on the Archdevil that birthed it upon death. There are seven torments for the seven sigils, and there are different difficulties of the same torments as you progress in order to upgrade them to make them even more powerful.

Voke hell select menu
Screenshot by GJ / The Outsiders

Each torment has its own twist, and each seven is different. One thing remains the same, however, and that is that you must defeat demons before your time runs out. But in hell, time is all you got.

You must complete it to three skulls to benefit from the Sigil, otherwise, you’ll get nothing.

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How to use Sigils in Metal: Hellsinger

When you enter the loadout screen, on the left will be your weapons, and on the right will be your unlocked Sigils. SImply click on the ones that you want to bring into battle with you. Select your two options carefully, as they could save you from failure or significantly increase your score.

Use the Sigils depending on your play style. If you find yourself losing your hitstreak a lot, then the Streak Guardian Sigil will be a good choice, as it protects your hitstreak against one miss. If you prefer to cause lots of damage, then Unyielding Fury, which keeps your fury protected, will be a vital Sigil.

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