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How to Use Ouija Board in Demonologist – All Commands

Do not forget to say Goodbye
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Looks like even Ghost Hunters buy their gear from Walmart. Struggling to find the Entity Room in Demonologist? Well do not worry as help is just around the corner from the entity themselves. All you need to do is bring out that trusty Ouija Board, you know the one where if you forget to say goodbye the demon will attach itself to you forever? The Ouija Board is indeed available in Demonologist, so if you want to have a chat with the spirits, feel free to take out that Board and ask them a few questions. This is our guide on how to use the Ouija Board in the latest Ghost Hunting Co-op Horror Game, Demonologist.

How to Use the Ouija Board

The Ouija Board acts as a Tool to converse with the entity, although its use is rather limited as of Demonologist’s initial release. Players instead should use this as a last resort in locating the entity’s whereabouts on the Map if they are struggling to locate the Entity Room. Although, its use is enticing especially within a group setting as it offers more scares than using the Spirit Box. But the sole purpose of bringing the Ouija Board out is to find the location of the entity, therefore players should not be using this as their first Tool. Instead, use Tools such as the Spirit Box or EMF Reader.

What the Ouija Board can do alongside the linking of your life to the entity itself is provoke the entity, which could result in a Hunt. A Hunt is when the entity grows aggressive and intends to kill you if you do anything that could provoke it. As of right now, asking the entity any questions aside from its location could result in a Hunt being initiated. To use the Board however, you will not need to place the item on the ground. The Board can stay in your arms and you are able to walk around with it freely.

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Alternatively, you can place the Board on the ground using left-click on the mouse, be sure to use your Microphone to communicate your command through the Board. To save yourself from being attacked, you can place yourself away from the Board and have a Crucifix prepared should a Hunt begin. You should also use Tools such as Sanity Pills and Candles to keep your sanity intact as the use of the Board can drain it. You will know when a Hunt begins by the Board breaking, if you have lost the opportunity to say Goodbye, be ready for a possible attack from the entity.

What Commands to Use With the Ouija Board

The introduction of the Ouija Board has very limited use. Whilst it tells players where the entity is at any given time, you will not be able to find the Entity Room with it. However, following the entity’s steps can lead directly to its Room, so be sure to use EMF Reader to locate the Entity Room with the highest level of paranormal activity. You could also confirm your findings through the use of the ESG Device by heading to the room upon following the location given by the Ouija Board and placing the ESG down to hopefully take a snapshot of the entity. This can help you identify the entity much quicker.

The commands that you can use with the Ouija Board are:

  • “Are you here?”
  • “Where are you?”
  • “Goodbye.”

As of right now, these are the only commands you can say with the Ouija Board in hand. A Goodbye function has been added to the Board so be sure to use it so that it does not result in the entity attacking you or your teammates.

That was our guide on how to use the Ouija Board in Demonologist. As this is a new game, more guides will be heading onto Gamer Journalist soon, so keep your eyes peeled for them! Thank you for reading our guides. We have other Horror Game content available, if you need a break from the Ghost Hunter lifestyle.

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