How to Upgrade Nook’s Cranny in Animal Crossing New Horizons

How to Upgrade Nook's Cranny in Animal Crossing New Horizons
How to Upgrade Nook’s Cranny in Animal Crossing New Horizons

There are some exciting new things coming to Animal Crossing New Horizons this month, including Earth Day on April 22. A data miner uncovered some information that suggests many players will be receiving the option to upgrade Nook’s Cranny in the coming days. This guide takes a look at how to upgrade Nook’s Cranny and what requirements must be met to do so.

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How to Upgrade Nook’s Cranny

A data miner named Ninji found some requirements that must be met before upgrading Nook’s Cranny which is what led us to the April 20 date. The upgraded Nook’s Cranny will have upgraded furniture options, new tools, and a wider variety of wallpaper and flooring options.

The requirements to upgrade Nook’s Cranny are as follows:

  • Players must have played for a total of 30 days from building Nook’s Cranny.
  • Players must have transacted over 200,000 Bells worth of items.
  • Mabel must have visited your town at least once.

Here is the Tweet from the Animal Crossing data miner who found this information and leaked it:

The only requirement that may take some time for you to complete is the 30 days of playtime after building Nook’s Cranny. Players have been doing what they like to call “Time Traveling” to speed this process up.

As for Mabel, she has likely already visited your shop as long as you have a Nook’s Cranny built. She tends to show up a few days after that, so if you’ve yet to see her just keep on playing like normal and she will visit you soon enough.

The 200,000 Bells transacted requirement is another easy one to achieve, especially if you are participating in the Stalk Market. There are many ways to make money in Animal Crossing New Horizons, so you should have no problem with this one either.

Animal Crossing New Horizons was released on Nintendo Switch on March 20, so the one month anniversary is right around the corner. This will mark the 30 days of playtime required to upgrade Nook’s Cranny if you managed to build it on Day 1.

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