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How to Unlock the Omnium Shield in Tower of Fantasy

We all need some cover from time to time
Omnium Shield in Tower of Fantasy
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When in the illustrious lands of Aida in Tower of Fantasy, you are met with a lot of trouble. Vicious beats roam the land and bands of ravagers and bandits await your appointment. With so many threats and so many foes, you and your wanderer have a lot on your plates. Despite the awesome array of weaponry and combos to take advantage of, sometimes all you really need, especially when faced with a horrific boss, is a quick cover spot to cower and eat behind.

The Omnium Shield relic may be exactly what you need. A spontaneous large screen that defends you of all damage. If you wish to gain it, then here is your guide on how to unlock the Omnium Shield in Tower of Fantasy.

What is the Omnium Shield in Tower of Fantasy?

Laced and charged with Omnium, this shield defends you of all incoming damage. It erects in the air in front of you and widens out, blocking everything that comes into contact with it. be warned, however, as enemies themselves can pass through it, just not their projectiles or melee strikes.

This is what the game has to say about the relic:

Generate an Omnium shield that stops projectiles for 10 seconds, with starting energy equal to 200% of the Wanderer’s max HP and a 90-second cooldown.

Tower of Fantasy

With a modest cooldown, in prolonged fights the Omnium Shield may come in life-saving on numerous occasions. Not only that, but when upgraded, it only becomes more powerful. It can slow enemies that walk through it and buff ally wanderers who walk through it. At four stars, the relic buffs your frost damage slightly, even if not deployed. This shield may be your party’s saving grace.

But how do you unlock it?

How to unlock the Omnium Shield

Such a powerful SSR relic won’t be easy to get. There is only one way to get this relic, and that is through acquiring 30 Omnium Shield relic shards. Relic shards can exclusively be found as a boss reward after defeating them, or may be found as a random chance when delving into ruins.

Once all 30 shards have been collected, make sure to go to the relic screen to claim the Omnium Shield.

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