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How to Get Alternate Destiny in Tower of Fantasy

Need a break from the action? How about a pocket dimension?
Alternate Destiny in tower of fantasy
Image via Perfect World / Hotta Studios

In Tower of Fantasy, there are a lot of dangers and perils. Bosses, ravagers, aberrants, monsters, you name it. Even with the incredible selection of weapons in store, players may find their wanderers short of health when being overwhelmed or facing an opponent that is just too strong for them. Instead of simply eating a meal, players may find they need something such stronger to heal them in times of crisis. The Alternate Destiny may be exactly what players need.

This SSR relic will come in handy in times of low health and even affects your allies around you. How do you unlock the Alternate Destiny relic and what is it?

What is the Alternate Destiny relic in Tower of Fantasy?

This relic creates a pocket dimension around the player, buffing and healing all allied wanderers in it. When in the pocket dimension, your enemies will have a difficult time harming you, and you will be invincible as long as you are in it.

The game has this to say about the relic:

Generate a Pocket Dimension for 8 seconds. Allies gain immunity to hitstun effects in the dimension, and HP will not drop below 20% from enemy attacks. Cooldown 90 seconds. Leaving the dimension removes all buffs. Once you have spent 8 seconds in the dimension, you cannot be buffed by it for 45 seconds.

Tower of Fantasy

When upgraded, this relic inflicts all sorts of divine buffs for those inside the pocket dimension. From healing the players more and faster to making them immune to mind control, the Alternate Destiny is the protector we all need.

It is no wonder you may want this divine intervention, but how do you unlock this relic?

How to Unlock Alternate Destiny

Alternate Destiny is as good as it is hard to get. The sole method of unlocking it is through gaining 30 Alternate Destiny relic shards.

Relic shards can only be gained through defeating bosses and gaining relic shards as a reward, or through exploring ruins and potentially being rewarded with them.

Once a player has all the shard they need, they can go into the relics menu and unlock them by clicking on the relic.

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