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How to Get a Tank in Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

How to Get a Tank in Totally Accurate Battle Simulator
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I can’t think of a single “who would win” playground argument that hasn’t been immediately invalidated by the presence of a military-grade tank. Everyone loves tanks; they’re gigantic, armored, mobile doom-bringers, guaranteed to spice up any totally accurate confrontation. Here’s how to get a tank in Totally Accurate Battle Simulator.

In Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, the various maps have special objects that, when observed for a few seconds in Free Camera mode, unlock a unit in the secret, er, Secret faction. The units of the Secret faction all technically belong to the game’s other factions, but either they were deemed too powerful to keep them in natively, or the factions just didn’t have enough room for them. However, in addition to the Secret faction, there is another faction whose units are unlocked in a similar fashion: the Legacy faction. The Legacy faction’s units are made up of units that were either scrapped or put on hold during the game’s early alpha development period, and unlike the units of the Secret faction, they don’t necessarily fit into any of the existing factions. The tank is one such example.

How to Get a Tank in Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

The tank was originally part of the World War faction, which featured World War I and World War II-era infantry and weapons. This faction, however, was scrapped, and the tank was moved to the Legacy faction. 

As with every other unit in the Legacy faction, the tank can be unlocked by finding a particular item in Free Camera mode while on the designated Legacy map. Find the small stone church on the map and look amongst the pine trees behind it. Underneath a group of four trees, obscured slightly by their shadows, you should see a medium-sized hole in the ground. Move your camera into that hole to find a small cavern, and buried in the cavern’s wall is the tank. Just focus on it for a few seconds until it pops, and the tank will be unlocked, along with the Legacy faction campaign if that’s the first Legacy unit you’ve unlocked.

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