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How to Unlock Program X in The Outlast Trials

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The Outlast Trials begin as of May 18th, 2023 and with 3 Maps to play on, players are starting to wonder what that mysterious fourth Classified Program could be. With its name give, Program X, what could be in store for the patients of Murkoff? You have survived so much already, perhaps lost some friends along the way (thankfully respawning exists in video games) that you are starting to lose sight of who you were when you began. With the amount that you have seen or taken yourself, do you really want to see what is behind the Classified stamp? If so, this is Vincent’s guide on how to unlock Program X in The Outlast Trials.

What is Program X in The Outlast Trials?

Program X is the Classified Trial up for grabs in the Murkoff Facility Program. But unlike Trials 1-3, this Classified Trial is not available for those just starting the game. The main reason for this is due to its increased difficulty compared to the other Programs. Whilst you have the option to play on 3 different Maps which are always available, offering many Assignments, difficult challenges and replayability with the increased difficulty level as you progress through the Program, the Classified Program, ‘X’ will not be available to you until much later in the game.

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Program X offers a tougher challenge than the rest, putting everything that you have learnt and your new Perks to the test. This Program is exclusive to Season 1, meaning that it will be changed out for another. It offers challenges that are at the hardest level for all past Programs (Police Station, Fun Park and Orphanage). With a mix of challenges and trials for players to complete and a Final Exam for you to try your luck at. This Program is here to keep things fresh, interesting and mixing up the horror by getting players to complete trials back-to-back on different Maps. The key point about Program X is that whilst it is the final stage for The Outlast Trials as of May, 2023, it acts as a good way to gain Release Tokens.

How to Unlock Program X

Program X is locked for those just beginning the game and without a description as to what awaits you due to its Classified stamp, it can be difficult knowing what to do to unlock the hidden fourth Map. What you need to do however is complete the 3 Trials available in the game of Police Station, Fun Park and Orphanage. By completion, we mean to successfully complete all Assignments and every difficulty set of each Map. Once done, you will need to complete the Final Exam for each Map which puts everything you have learn to the ultimate test. Upon doing this, you can enter Program X in which completing this will give you another Release Token. Keep in mind that you will need 10 Release Tokens to see the Ending to The Outlast Trials.

We highly recommend that players repeatedly complete the Final Exam for the Release Token rewards that are available on each Map and then use Program X for the final Token so that you can view the Ending straight after completing Program X.

That was our full guide on unlocking Program X in The Outlast Trials. We hope this guide was useful for you. If you are looking for other Horror Game possibilities, be sure to check out all of our related articles at Gamer Journalist, viewable here at your leisure. Thank you for reading this article!

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