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How to Earn Freedom and Be Reborn in The Outlast Trials

Who have you become?
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Years of playing Horror Games has brought you to this point. Murkoff Facility is waiting for you. They need you in order to progress. Science is important and experimentation using you as their prisoner patient is their top priority. Will you help aid them in their discovery? What horror awaits you and your friends inside the four walls of different and terrifying scenarios. How much blood and gore can you face before you leave the Facility as a completely different person than who initially walked in. That is, if you can even leave at all. Will you join the Reborn and see you as another number on the wall? This is Vincent’s guide on how to be free and become one of the Reborn in The Outlast Trials.

Main Aim of The Outlast Trials

Lured in by propaganda, you are taken and placed inside Murkoff Facility in which you will have to face brutal torment, the stuff that no ordinary person would be able to handle. To increase your chances of making it out of the Facility alive, you are able to purchase Prescriptions that alter both your physical and mental capabilities, having a forever affect once used. You will never be the same again. So going into the trials blind will not help you and seeing what you will have to live through and try to survive on the daily, you cannot blame others for going inside. But inside the Facility doors, before you step foot into a trial is the hopeful banner of the Reborn Counter. But with the numbers set of zero, you start to wonder if being Reborn is ever an option?

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The goal is simple, go into the trials, survive and complete the set Assignments given to patients, prisoners, all the same and all in order to reach the final act – rebirth. But with such an ominous, biblical title of rebirth, what exactly awaits you on the other side if you are one of the Reborn?

How to Become One of the Reborn

In order to get your freedom and become one of the Reborn, you are required to complete all of the trials set by Murkoff, building on your XP through multiple tries and hitting your Assignments when given. You need to collect a total of 10 Release Tokens in order to use the Rebirth Portal at the main exit in the Facility. Tokens can be earned directly through completing trials. However, simply completing the first set of trials will not give you Tokens. Rather you will need to complete all trials available and the Final Exam for each Map. There are 3 main trials set on the 3 Maps and a further 2 trials within each Map that you will need to complete before taking on the Final Exam.

By doing all of this, you will obtain a Release Token after successfully completing the Final Exam needed to buy your escape. The Rebirth Portal will take you through one last endeavor inside the Mansion, where your journey began. Upon completing this final mission, you will fall into an endless ocean in which you can emerge from and run on (very biblical). This takes you to the final moment of the game in which you await, brand new, in your home, safe and sound, awaiting instructions.

Whilst The Outlast Trials suggests that you are one of the Reborn, you are unsure of what exact you have been Reborn into. Whether or not you are one of the Sleeper Agents now, released back into society to do Murkoff’s bidding is unconfirmed. All we know for sure is that going back to ordinary life is impossible at this point.

That was our guide on how to become free and one of the Reborn in The Outlast Trials. We have a lot more horror content outside of the psychotic realm of Outlast. Be sure to see our related articles here for anything that takes your fancy. Thank you for reading this GJ guide.

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